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Jet Aviation is one of the largest aircraft management, flight support and charter companies in the world, with almost 300 aircraft worldwide under our management. In addition, Jet Aviation provides completion monitoring services and helps first-time buyers enter the market through its JetStart program.

Jet Aviation has the capability to track your aircraft anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our strategically located flight operation centers in Teterboro, New Jersey; Chicago, Illinois; Dubai, United Emirates; Zurich, Switzerland; and Hong Kong are home to teams of highly skilled and experienced aviation professionals ready to take care of all your daily aircraft operation needs. 

Owning and operating an asset such as an aircraft is vital to completing your business goals and objectives. While the benefits of aircraft ownership are numerous, safe and cost-effective management requires significant expertise and experience. 

A comprehensive Jet Aviation aircraft management program is an ideal solution for individuals and organizations. Minimizing risk and responsibilities of managing day-to-day operations of an aircraft, while capitalizing on various technological platforms, allows Jet Aviation to take a forward-thinking approach to the fundamentals of aircraft management.

Jet Aviation has designed flight support programs to act as your extended arm while you retain full control of your aircraft operation. Our flight support solutions provide aircraft owners and Part 91 flight operators around-the-clock support, wherever and whenever required. You have the choice of select programs and optional services that provide support best suited to meet your specific needs and budget parameters.

Our Aircraft Scheduling, Maintenance Management, Flight Standards and Fuel Desk programs uniquely address the needs of Part 91 flight departments. Jet Aviation’s Completions Monitoring service ensures that your new aircraft is delivered on time and to your specification. The JetStart program offers a turn-key solution consulting service for new owners of aircraft who need assistance in developing a fully operational in-house flight department before aircraft delivery.

On April 1, 2016 Jet Aviation announced the expansion of its aircraft management and charter services on the U.S. West Coast with the acquisition of Avjet Corporation, a global jet charter and management company based in Los Angeles, CA.

For more than three decades, Avjet has been a global leader in large-cabin, long-range business jet travel solutions. With broad expertise in all aspects of private aviation—charter, management and completions—Avjet is the trusted advisor to business jet travelers on six continents. The company’s 360-degree view of aviation, and its leadership and expertise in all aspects of private jet travel, make it the executive travel partner of choice. We are proud to serve corporate leaders and heads of state as well as entertainment and sports professionals.

For more information on Avjet's services and capabilities, please visit www.avjet.com.