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Behind every seamless Jet Aviation experience, is a team of dedicated career professionals perfecting the art of flight. We are the artisans of aviation, the craft that brings our customers’ journey to life. In the hangar, on the ground, and behind the scenes. Enabling global flight, with passion.

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A legacy of half a century

Over 4000 employees. More than 80 nationalities. Some 50 locations worldwide. We know that our diversity is our strength, and we celebrate and appreciate each and every member of our team. From apprentices to master craftspeople, those on their first day, to those celebrating a milestone anniversary. Every role, in every location. Our employees’ talent and dedication to detail, safety, and one another, is why our customers choose Jet Aviation as their partner of choice.

It is also why we want to be your partner of choice. We take our employee commitments seriously, and take pride in supporting our employees’ growth and career aspirations. We are also committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of gender equality, work and economic growth, and reduced inequalities. We believe we are stronger when we work together.

Our Values





The General Dynamics ethos undergirds our culture, our business model and our daily interactions. These values are a constant reminder of who we are and what we do. Every day, we:

Drive how we operate our business. We relentlessly pursue operating excellence by innovating, improving our processes and reducing waste. We believe in being wise and ethical stewards of capital and resources, as informed by our values.  

Govern how we interact with each other and our customers, partners and suppliers. Honesty, trust, humanity, alignment and value creation require that we be forthright about our mistakes and that we strive to correct them. We seek partners and suppliers who adhere to these values in their businesses and we hold them to that standard.

Guide the way that we treat our workforce. We believe we have a responsibility for the health and safety of our employees. We treat all of our employees with dignity and respect and provide them with fair compensation and equal employment opportunity. We stand behind basic universal human rights, including that employment must be voluntary. We oppose human trafficking in all forms.

Determine how we connect with our communities. We believe that we have a responsibility to be good corporate citizens and we believe in sustainable business practices, which include supporting the environment and the communities in which we work.

Corporate Citizenship

From fostering a diverse workplace and supporting women in leadership, to supporting economic growth and development through apprenticeship programs, training, and development, we are dedicated to ensuring that our legacy is one our employees can be proud of. Our commitments to climate action, reducing inequality, innovation, and economic growth contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to help shape a better world.

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I am Eugene1

1Eugene Xu — Eugene Xu is responsible for the data migration of all key master and transitional data, and for supporting ERP applications. Many people rely on this system, motivating him to work hard and exercise his diligence to ensure the system is working seamlessly.

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I am Stephan1

1Stephen Charlett — As the Flight Line Coordinator for the Pilot Training Systems contract at Pearce Western Australia, I oversee the flight line operations for the Number 2 Flight Training School. My role supports a fleet of 18 PC-21 aircraft, and the safe and efficient execution of the daily flying program.

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I am Ying Ying1

1Ying Ying — I joined Jet Aviation Singapore in 2008 as a Customer Support Executive supporting MRO quotations and sales. I was later promoted to the role of Senior Manager, Quotations in 2017 and made responsible for the APAC Quotations team, which manages MRO quoting activities for Singapore and Hong Kong.

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We are The Crew1

1The Crew — As part of our #IAMJET employee campaign, meet Dan Hoisington, Carli Kline, & Brian Milne — Decades of experience tailoring bespoke travel scenarios culminate in effortless hospitality for this crew, based in the Americas.

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I am Sonal1

1Sonal Thakkar — Challenging, engaging, and rewarding is how Sonal describes working at Jet Aviation Dubai. She provides thoughtful and dynamic solutions to customer needs, whilst striving to achieve the highest levels of safety.   Read more

I Am Raziel1

1Raziel Saycon — A seamless, authentic, safe, and memorable experience is what Raziel offers Jet Aviation’s customers at our Dubai DWC FBO on a daily basis. As a Customer Service Representative, empathy is one of the most important skills, she says, to have meaningful interactions and to exceed our customers’ expectations.  Read more 

I Am Adeline1

1Adeline Tischmacher — No two days are ever the same. I have worked with many of the same people since I joined the company 14 years ago, who are now very good friends and that is special. Read more 

I Am Chee Kieong1

1Chee Kieong — My job gives me an opportunity to participate on management level strategies as well as provides a space for me to learn something new every day. Read more 

I am Elie1

1Elie Zelouf — I joined Jet Aviation when I was 33 years old. Today I am 86. I am very proud that I am still with Jet Aviation.

I Am Cathy1

1Cathy Moore — I love working with my team. We are a family and truly have a passion for helping others. When you can make a customer happy it is the best feeling.

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I Am Michel1

1Michel Lehmann — My priority as an Engine Mechanic is to keep the engines safe and efficient for operation.

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I Am Nazarulrizal1

1Nazarulrizal bin Ibrahim — I really enjoy towing aircraft. It requires skill and brings me great satisfaction. With my years of experience in ramp support, I often know what customers need even before they ask for it.

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I Am Ilyas1

1Ilyas Sultan — I love the challenge of finding better ways of doing something. It’s very rewarding work. I know many of my customer personally, and there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing I’ve made them happy by solving their problem, quickly.

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I Am Shannon1

1Shannon Chieng — I enjoy the practical part of applying technical knowledge to fix aircraft defects. Working with the team to deliver an aircraft in its best condition is immensely satisfying.

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I Am Michael1

1Michael Gampert — I love translating a drawing into reality to see a beautiful design come alive. It is a real pleasure to share my knowledge with my colleagues. It keeps me feeling young.

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I Am Tom1

1Tom Zacharias — As a specialist in warranty invoicing, it is my job to ensure customers are charged correctly. I need to fully understand the projects I work on and am in frequent contact with our maintenance team, the OEMS, and our end customers.

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I Am Issac1

1Issac Lemos — I approach each day with a clear mind and a positive attitude. I take great pride in anticipating what our customers need before they even have to ask.

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I Am Victoria1

1Victoria Reina-Duffy — I believe our commitment to doing what is right, and not what is easy, is what makes us the best. We do this without compromising on customer care.

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I Am Abdul1

1Abdul Waris — Taking care of my team is the best way I can meet the needs of our customers. I focus on the smallest details to ensure my team has the resources and guidance they need to go above and beyond.

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I Am Cesar1

1César Barros — I have one of the best teams! The spirit is always high and we take great pride in delivering the highest quality on each and every cleaning or paint job to ensure our customers leave with a big smile.

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I Am Noelie1

1Noelie Stehle — I disassemble, record and distribute furniture parts that require further processing. I need to be thorough and precise to ensure that the next team has the information they need to create stunning pieces that meet customer expectations.

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I Am Duane1

1Duane Hogan — I am a people pleaser. My interactions and relationships with customers is where I find the most joy, and why this job is so meaningful to me.

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I Am Yuki1

1Yuki Yueng — Arranging ad hoc flights for customers is anything but routine. It’s my constant attention to all the variable details that helps ensure a safe and seamless customer experience.

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I Am Roger1

1Roger Barchha — I enjoy that my role is so diverse – there is no ‘typical day,’ and every customer is unique. I might be meeting a contact, dealing with complex requests or documentation, or working on designing a personalized sales offer.

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I Am Balakrishnan1

1Balakrishnan Gurusamy — I am responsible for the inspection of incoming goods and outgoing shipments, and also manage the packing and shipping of outgoing good. Passion and the people I work with are what drive me day-to-day. I am satisfied when I know that the job has been well done.

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I Am Mike1

1MikeTyley-Plank — I work for RBI Hawker in Dubai, overseeing the repair of rotor blades for Bell and Leonardo helicopters. I have worked on helicopter blades for 13 years, and it has been fascinating to see how the technology and construction has evolved.

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I Am Debora1

1Debora Desousa — My day-to-day varies enormously. But I embrace any new task, and treat all of my activities with the same level of priority and professionalism to ensure exceptional customer service for everyone – that’s what gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

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Australia – Notice of WA Exemption Application

As you may know, Jet Aviation very proudly provides support to the Department of Defence in ensuring Australia’s defence and national security interests are met.

In the provision of these services, we are subject to strict United States international export control laws, which, in some cases, prohibit Jet Aviation from allowing access of sensitive material to people of particular nationalities.  The effect of this is that US international laws that apply to Jet Aviation when providing services to the Department of Defence compel us to undertake certain actions that may otherwise be discriminatory in Western Australia.  

In order to comply with these laws, we have applied to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) for a limited exemption to undertake certain activities that are necessary to provide our services in a way that complies with US laws.  A notice issued by the SAT in respect of our application is attached for your further information.

Jet Aviation does not expect that the exemption will impact any of our existing people, and will only rely upon the exemption (if granted) where we have no alternative to doing so.  We take this opportunity to affirm our commitment to fostering and valuing a diverse and inclusive workplace where all our employees are treated with fairness, respect, and dignity, and where discrimination is neither tolerated nor condoned. This application will not impact our commitment to upholding this central tenant, and is only being sought to the barest extent necessary to abide by US laws.

We value your contributions and understand that you may have questions or concerns about this matter. We are committed to maintaining open lines of communication, and I encourage you to reach out to Sarah Abbass (sarah.abbass@jetaviation.com) if you have any questions or need further clarification. Your input and feedback are important to us, and we are here to address any concerns you may have.

The SAT has also invited any interested persons who wish to make submissions in relation to Jet Aviation’s application to notify the SAT in writing by 1 August 2024, quoting reference EOA 25/2024. The contact details for SAT are as follows:


Level 6, State Administrative Tribunal Building,

565 Hay Street, PERTH WA 6000

Fax:                  (08) 9325 5099

Email:               sat@justice.wa.gov.au


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