Air, Crafted

Since 1967, Jet Aviation has been crafting flight in its smoothest form. From one hangar in Basel, Switzerland, to some 50 locations worldwide. Maintenance to management, completion to charter; countless hours of expertise creating an experience so easy, it seems effortless.

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Where We Are Today

Behind every effortless experience, are our people. 4,000 artisans of aviation. Whether in the air, or on the ground, arriving or departing, underneath every journey are hundreds of hands, dedicated to the details. We started as a family business, and throughout our growth we have maintained our commitment to this personalized service.

Owned by General Dynamics since 2008, we uphold the GD values of Trust, Honesty, Alignment and Transparency in everything we undertake.

A Brief History

Jet Aviation established with maintenance facility in Basel, Switzerland 1967 / Enters charter and aircraft management businesses in Europe 1972 / Launch of first completion at Paris Airshow 1977 / Jet Aviation enters Middle East with FBO in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1979 / Acquires Stead Aviation and opens FBO in Bedford, Massachusetts 1984 / Launches Aircraft Management business with acquisition of Executive Air Fleet 1985 / Establishes in Singapore 1995 / Staffing business launches 1996 / Aircraft Management and Charter business launches in Hong Kong 2001 / Acquired by General Dynamics 2008 / Acquisition of Hawker Pacific 2018

Our Promise

We ensure every detail matters, making each and every customer feel valued and esteemed. We are the effort behind effortless.

Service Excellence

At the surface, there is calm. A fine layer of simplicity and elegance. This is where you are. Our commitments to safety, performance, respect and trust are what get you there. Each and every time.

Commitment to Safety

Safety runs deep in our culture. From our roots in Swiss precision, to our commitment to the latest certifications and audits, we are dedicated to ensuring that you and your aircraft are always in safe hands.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a good corporate citizen is a part of everything we do. From our people to our processes, we help make aviation sustainable. This is how we make you a part of the solution too.

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Our People

Our people and their passion are what make us Jet Aviation. Our leaders nurture this passion, to ensure excellence at every turn.

I Am Taylor1

1Taylor Burns — My team onboard aircraft and their records into Jet Aviation. We review compliance to regulations and airworthiness directives and organize historical information into processes or indexes that Jet Aviation employees can continue to use throughout the life of the aircraft. For commercial aircraft, we assemble data packages for FAA review and act as a primary point of contact while the aircraft is placed onto our air carrier certificate.

I Am Raziel1

1Raziel Saycon — As one of the customer service representatives in the FBO team and being the touchpoint of our customers, we ensure to provide an experience that exceeds the expectations of our customers.  Their safety, seamless, authentic, and memorable experience are our top priorities.

I Am Ying Ying1

1Ying Ying Loo — I am responsible for successful MRO quotation, planning and invoicing whilst focusing on improving internal efficiencies and the customer experience. I derive a great sense of satisfaction and achievement out of overcoming challenges, as well as from nurturing a happy and cohesive team.

I Am Eugene1

1Eugene Xu — I am responsible for the data migration of all key master and transitional data, and for supporting ERP applications. Many people rely on this system, and this motivates me to work hard and exercise my diligence to ensure the system is working seamlessly.

We are the Crew 1

1Dan Hoisington, Carli Kline, & Brian Milneonal  — Decades of experience tailoring bespoke travel scenarios culminate in effortless hospitality for this crew, based in the Americas. However, it’s clear that no matter how many flights they have made, they are constantly working on their craft to deliver a seamless, personalized experience, every time.

I Am Sonal 1

1Sonal Thakkar — Challenging, engaging, and rewarding is how I describe working at Jet Aviation Dubai. I provide thoughtful and dynamic solutions to customer needs, whilst striving to achieve the highest levels of safety. My proactive attitude supports collaborative problem solving and ensures our customer’s assets are maintained to the highest standards.

I Am Debora1

1Debora Desousa — My day-to-day varies enormously. But I embrace any new task, and treat all of my activities with the same level of priority and professionalism to ensure exceptional customer service for everyone – that’s what gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

I Am Mike1

1MikeTyley-Plank — I work for RBI Hawker in Dubai, overseeing the repair of rotor blades for Bell and Leonardo helicopters. I have worked on helicopter blades for 13 years, and it has been fascinating to see how the technology and construction has evolved.

I Am Balakrishnan1

1Balakrishnan Gurusamy — I am responsible for the inspection of incoming goods and outgoing shipments, and also manage the packing and shipping of outgoing good. Passion and the people I work with are what drive me day-to-day. I am satisfied when I know that the job has been well done.

I Am Roger1

1Roger Barchha — I enjoy that my role is so diverse – there is no ‘typical day,’ and every customer is unique. I might be meeting a contact, dealing with complex requests or documentation, or working on designing a personalized sales offer.

I Am Mazen1

1Mazen Halawani — I love nothing more than working with my team to surpass customer expectations. Whether passengers, crews, government departments, or aviation authorities, their satisfaction is my pledge.

I Am Yuki1

1Yuki Yueng — Arranging ad hoc flights for customers is anything but routine. It’s my constant attention to all the variable details that helps ensure a safe and seamless customer experience.

I Am Duane1

1Duane Hogan — I am a people pleaser. My interactions and relationships with customers is where I find the most joy, and why this job is so meaningful to me.

I Am Noelie1

1Noelie Stehle — I disassemble, record and distribute furniture parts that require further processing. I need to be thorough and precise to ensure that the next team has the information they need to create stunning pieces that meet customer expectations.

I Am Cesar1

1César Barros — I have one of the best teams! The spirit is always high and we take great pride in delivering the highest quality on each and every cleaning or paint job to ensure our customers leave with a big smile.

I Am Abdul1

1Abdul Waris — Taking care of my team is the best way I can meet the needs of our customers. I focus on the smallest details to ensure my team has the resources and guidance they need to go above and beyond.

I Am Victoria1

1Victoria Reina-Duffy — I believe our commitment to doing what is right, and not what is easy, is what makes us the best. We do this without compromising on customer care.

I Am Issac1

1Issac Lemos — I approach each day with a clear mind and a positive attitude. I take great pride in anticipating what our customers need before they even have to ask.

I Am Tom1

1Tom Zacharias — As a specialist in warranty invoicing, it is my job to ensure customers are charged correctly. I need to fully understand the projects I work on and am in frequent contact with our maintenance team, the OEMS, and our end customers.

I Am Michael1

1Michael Gampert — I love translating a drawing into reality to see a beautiful design come alive. It is a real pleasure to share my knowledge with my colleagues. It keeps me feeling young.

I Am Shannon1

1Shannon Chieng — I enjoy the practical part of applying technical knowledge to fix aircraft defects. Working with the team to deliver an aircraft in its best condition is immensely satisfying.

I Am Ilyas1

1Ilyas Sultan — I love the challenge of finding better ways of doing something. It’s very rewarding work. I know many of my customer personally, and there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing I’ve made them happy by solving their problem, quickly.

I Am Nazarulrizal1

1Nazarulrizal bin Ibrahim — I really enjoy towing aircraft. It requires skill and brings me great satisfaction. With my years of experience in ramp support, I often know what customers need even before they ask for it.

I Am Michel1

1Michel Lehmann — My priority as an Engine Mechanic is to keep the engines safe and efficient for operation.

I Am Cathy1

1Cathy Moore — I love working with my team. We are a family and truly have a passion for helping others. When you can make a customer happy it is the best feeling.


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