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As part of our #IAMJET employee campaign, meet Dan Hoisington, Carli Kline, & Brian Milne — Decades of experience tailoring bespoke travel scenarios culminate in effortless hospitality for this crew, based in the Americas.


How long have you worked for Jet Aviation?

Dan: “Three Years”


Carli: “Five Years”


Brian: “Three Years”


How did you come to Jet Aviation?

Dan: "Most of my “previous life” was spent as an engineer and manager working in the field of flight test. Eventually, I decided to pursue my long-standing dream of flying which let me to Avjet—later becoming part of Jet Aviation."


Carli: “Before Jet, I was working in the design industry and teaching vinyasa yoga. After I met up with a dear friend, Brit Brand, I found myself helping her with her account at Avjet and was instantly drawn to the world revolving around culinary, safety, botany, service, and design.”


Brian: “I have been a professional pilot all my adult life and had worked for Avjet before it became part of Jet Aviation many years ago.”


Can you briefly describe your job?

Dan: “Along with other professionals on my team, I manage and coordinate resources to safely, efficiently and gracefully deliver happy passengers to their destinations!”


Carli: “As a Cabin Attendant, I source and maintain essential items for each flight, based on client profiles, preferences and tastes. I work closely with my team to safety transport clients from one destination to another.”


Brian: “I truly enjoy working together with my crewmembers and support team. I help and support in the safe and efficient transportation of our very special clients to their requested destinations.”


What one word would describe how you approach your job?

Dan: “Grateful – This job and the people I get to work with are a gift to me from God and better by far than I deserve.”


Carli: “Learning – From the very beginning of my Cabin Attendant career I was, and still am, eager to learn more about the aviation industry. I find myself asking my pilots questions and have a strong gratitude for their willingness to teach me.”


Brian: “Excited – Every trip presents its own specific set of challenges. Being a small part of such an outstanding team always makes me feel so energized by all the positivity of each team member and their dedication to excellence.”


What is a typical day?

Dan: “Most of our flights are coast-to-coast, or West coast to Hawaii round-trips.”


Carli: “Reviewing client profiles and/or researching clients, curating and creating menus based on client’s preferences, making flower arrangements, resourcing clients personal flight necessities, ensuring clients safety and that the clients are well taken care of during the duration of flight.”


Brian: “There is no typical day in our line of work, every day is different, and that is why I love my profession.”

“Every trip presents its own specific set of challenges. Being a small part of such an outstanding team always makes me feel so energized by all the positivity of each team member and their dedication to excellence”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Dan: “I have never tired of flying an airplane to distant places. I love travel.”


Carli: “What I enjoy most about my job is finding solutions to curating the best customer experience and being able to experience different cultures around the world.”


Brian: “The people – being a part of a professional and dedicated team all working together towards the same goal. Each flight everyone is striving for perfection. I guess you could consider me an explorer. I love to travel.”


What are the main challenges you face in your role?

Dan: "There are many. Keeping up with constant changes in weather, addressing aircraft mechanical issues, in the past, coordinating 72-hour COVID testing while on the road, are just a few."


Carli: "Covid restrictions that were constantly being changed and having to adapt to new procedures and protocols. Testing within a time frame was challenging when on the road."


Brian: “There are many different challenges every day. The ones we cannot control like weather and mechanical interruptions and those we can control which are handled seamlessly due to an outstanding support staff.”


If you could describe working at Jet Aviation in three words, what would they be?

Dan: “My Dream Job”


Carli: “Community, Safety, Precision”


Brian: “Soaring Above All”


And can you give five words that describe you in your role?

Dan: “Researcher/Expert, Student, Manager, Planner, Cheerleader”


Carli: “Chef, Researcher, Planner/Organizer, Team Player, Positivity”


Brian: “Student/Master, Team Member, Helper, Leader, Friend”


Thank you Dan, Brian, and Carli!


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