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Meet Balakrishnan Gurusamy

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I Am Balakrishnan

One of the longest-serving employees at Jet Aviation Singapore, we speak with Balakrishnan (Bala) Gurusamy, Logistics Specialist, to learn the secret behind his passion for his work.


Bala, can you briefly describe your job?

As a logistics specialist, I am responsible for the inspection of incoming goods and outgoing shipments, and also manage the packing and shipping of items from our facility. I like to see myself as the first and last person to handle these important and valuable items at our facility, and that by verifying their quantities and conditions I am contributing towards efficient and well-managed maintenance operations. 

What is the typical day of a logistics specialist?

A typical day involves managing the packages that come into our facility – ensuring that they are inspected, the relevant paperwork is processed and that they are made available for our MRO colleagues efficiently. Communicating with colleagues throughout this process is crucial and we do this through inventory systems, emails and phone calls. All this work keeps me busy! 

“I am responsible for the inspection of incoming goods and outgoing shipments, and also manage the packing and shipping of outgoing good. Passion and the people I work with are what drive me day-to-day. I am satisfied when I know that the job has been well done”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Knowing that the jobs I’m assigned to are completed and executed well is very satisfying. I enjoy doing a good job and I also derive satisfaction from knowing that the work I do helps my colleagues complete theirs too. 

I work with different groups of colleagues here – project management, finance and the tool stores just to name a few – and they bring different expectations to each request for support. Another thing that keeps things enjoyable is being able to manage their expectations in a way that meets their requirements but also meets the logistics-related operational requirements we need to abide by. 

And what do you enjoy about working for Jet Aviation?

The people I work with is what makes me look forward to coming to the office. Even with COVID-19 work restrictions, we are still a fully-operational site. This requires us to work with a reduced team of colleagues and I have taken on additional responsibilities that would otherwise have been performed by other team members. What facilitates this is the contribution from everyone within our team, where we face challenges and overcome them together by drawing on everyone’s knowledge and strengths. I couldn’t have asked for better colleagues!


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