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Meet Tom Zacharias

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We introduce #IAMJET employee, Tom Zacharias, PMO Biller in Dubai


Tom, how long have you worked for Jet Aviation?

I have been working for Jet Aviation in Dubai's Warranty Department for over 10 years.

How did you come to Jet Aviation?  

When I was looking for a career change, I perceived Jet Aviation as a good match for my skills and abilities, which I believed could grow here. I am content with the choice I made 10 years ago.

Can you briefly describe your job: As a warranty administrator, it is my job to ensure customers are not charged for OEM warranty parts and services. I need to fully understand the projects and am in frequent communication with our maintenance team, the OEMs and end customers. The Warranty department works closely with other departments that support project execution and with the Sales team, as well. As part of my job, I have to provide relevant warranty information to the other departments to enable them to carry out their warranty-related functions. Further, I have to ensure that the claims are filed within the time- frame specified in the contract. Warranty invoicing is the last link in the chain and my aim is to demonstrate that we are fully transparent, honest and efficient. Proper and timely follow up on OEM rebates and incentives also form a good part of my job.

“As a specialist in warranty invoicing, it is my job to ensure customers are charged correctly. I need to fully understand the projects I work on and am in frequent contact with our maintenance team, the OEMS, and our end customers”

What one word would describe how you approach your job?

Understanding. To be able to accurately ascertain the facts and have a good understanding of the diverse warranty coverage that each aircraft holds, including knowledge of the OEM-Customer contract, plays a vital role in the proper warranty invoicing. This, in turn, helps ensure customer satisfaction.  

What is a typical day?

No doubt, each day brings with it a fresh outlook. My day at work starts with reviewing emails from customers, OEMs and inter-departmental queries. Most of them require a thorough and detailed review before a response can be given. The next priority is to address any customer concerns about any warranty related matters. If their queries cannot be sorted internally, I reach out to the OEMs for their support.   

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The most appreciable fact about my job is the support and cooperation that I receive from various departments at my work place. It is this support that makes my work that much more enjoyable.

And what do you enjoy about working for Jet Aviation?

Working at Jet Aviation means being a part of an exemplary professional team. This team's coordination & support helps me to make reliable and prompt decisions.

What are the main challenges you face in your role?

Depending on the circumstances, warranty coverage is not necessarily guaranteed. For example, if damage was caused by recklessness, etc. So a deep understanding of the project is important so that all of the facts are properly conveyed and a true assessment can be made.  We, the ASC, are supposed to act as a mediator between the customer and the OEM, so it is my responsibility to ensure that the messages are being delivered in their entirety. As clear and detailed communication is so important to keeping all parties happy, or at least in agreement, it is definitely one of the bigger challenges I face on a daily basis.

If you could describe working at Jet in three words, what would they be?

GROW THROUGH LEARNING – Jet Aviation has always enabled ambitious employees to grow in their careers by extending support to them and facilitating proper training to excel in their field. Jet Aviation ensures due growth for its employees.


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