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Meet Ilyas Sultan

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We introduce #IAMJET employee, Ilyas Sultan, Senior Manager SCM in Dubai


Ilyas, how long have you worked for Jet Aviation?

I've been working for Jet Aviation in Supply Chain Management (SCM) for just over 8 years. 

How did you come to Jet Aviation?

I had already been working for UPS for ten years, was ready for a change and knew Jet Aviation was a good company.

Can you briefly describe your job: As a Senior Supply Chain Manager, it is my job to ensure we maintain an inventory of maintenance parts at our facility to support our customers' maintenance needs and comply with Part-145 regulatory requirements.  

What one word would describe how you approach your job?

Communication. I enjoy speaking and dealing with people to get the information I need to ensure our supply chains; it is also how I share what I have learned to ultimately best serve our customers.

“I love the challenge of finding better ways of doing something. It’s very rewarding work. I know many of my customer personally, and there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing I’ve made them happy by solving their problem, quickly”

What was your proudest moment on the job?

When you made me famous within the company with the #IAMJET campaign! Being held up as an exemplary employee is all that I could ask for. It recognizes my efforts and tells me I am appreciated. I still have the text message that our top regional leader, Mr. Hardy Butschi, personally sent to me to congratulate me. I also received many likes on Facebook and received and kept a very nice note from Supply Chain Management in EMEA.

And what do you enjoy about working for Jet Aviation?

I love that I have the full support of my manager and of our top management.  This is very important to me and speaks to the caliber of the company.

What are the main challenges you face in your role?  

A grounded aircraft costs our customers a great deal of money, so they highly value fast service. SCM is all about optimizing our flow of goods to maximize efficiencies throughout our operations. We consign goods, which means we pay to store them, but with the ultimate goal of ensuring our customers' needs can be met quickly. The trick for us is to balance the costs of our supply chains to ensure maximum efficiency, which helps us to be more competitive in the market place.

The most challenging task is ensuring parts for AOG events in remote areas. Depending where the aircraft is grounded, we often have logistical problems with customs and procedures, which makes shipping parts a big challenge.   If we can't get the part shipped, our only alternative is to fly a team member to that remote site, and we often won't know until we're there what part is needed.

If you could describe working at Jet in three words, what would they be?

Opportunities. Support. Success.


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