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I am Eugene Xu

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Eugene Xu is responsible for the data migration of all key master and transitional data, and for supporting ERP applications. Many people rely on this system, motivating him to work hard and exercise his diligence to ensure the system is working seamlessly.

Watch the video or read the interview below to find out more about Eugene.​​​​​​​

Could you start by introducing yourself and your role at Jet Aviation?

My name is Eugene Xu, I am working in the IT Solutions team supporting ERP applications. I have been supporting IFS application since I started my job at Hawker Pacific, and now Jet Aviation. I am also embarking on the journey of supporting SAP S4 HANA which is the new ERP application that we are implementing globally, with Singapore being the first site that went live in March 2022.

How long have you worked for Jet Aviation?

I’ve been working for Hawker Pacific/Jet Aviation for nearly 17 years by September 2022.

Can you briefly describe your job?

For IFS, together with a couple of colleagues in Sydney, I am supporting most of the business units in the APAC region that are using IFS application in all aspects such functionalities, system administration and user management etc. For SAP S4 HANA, currently I am working with a team of seven functional consultants from HCL to support Singapore in using SAP. 

We have been told you have been a significant driver in recent projects. Can you explain to the rest of our global team how your role is impacting these projects?

Since Singapore went live with SAP S4 HANA in March 2022, my current focus is to support Singapore in terms of stabilizing the usability of the system. Before this, one of my key projects was data migration from IFS to SAP for key master data such as customers and vendors, and open transactional data such as invoices and fixed assets, this is very critical to the success of Singapore SAP cut over. Along with this project, I also involved in several key projects, two of them were for APAC BI solution which transitioned BI reporting platform to SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud) and incorporating SAP S4 GL data with IFS data to provide complete financial and management reporting, and another project is to assist EMEA (SAP S4 implementation release 2) in data migration using ETL tool and IT infrastructure available in APAC.

What is it like to work in your team?

In essence, our work is to process through lots of information to understand requirements or issues in order to provide the right solution for the business with reasonable expectations on time and quality of deliverables.

What do you really like about working in your role?

I always feel privileged to support one of the most important IT applications for the organization. It is satisfactory to see how my work has been an integral part of the business performance and success.

What is a typical day?

I process through lots of emails, Teams messages, tickets in the queue, manage project tasks, and juggle with multiple meetings/calls across different time zones such as Singapore and Basel. A typical day is pretty hectic, challenging but rewarding.

What are the main challenges you face in your role?

Time is the number one challenge for me at the moment, with most of my time spent on coordinating the support for both SAP S4 and IFS. I also need to learn SAP functionalities as one of my objectives is to be an SAP expert within a reasonable time frame just as I am with IFS.

What are some things you enjoy doing outside of work?

​​​​​​​I love listening to music, watching movies, reading books and gardening.


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