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Women in Aviation – Evelyn Wong

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As we celebrate all of the incredible women at Jet Aviation, in our industry, and beyond, this International Women’s Day and Women in Aviation Week, we meet Evelyn Wong, Director Defence Finance APAC, who recently received a scholarship from Women in Aviation to attend a leadership program.

Evelyn, congratulations on the scholarship! What inspired you to apply for this program?

I joined Women In Aviation in order to expand my professional network, and during my research about aviation, I noticed there were scholarships available, so thought why not apply? This program offers world class education and a prestigious network, which made the scholarship appealing. The opportunity to study leadership at an Ivy league college offers valuable insights, resources, and most importantly the network which can enhance leadership skills and opportunities in the future. I was also inspired by my daughter Emma (who is 14 months old) as I’d love for her and the next generation of women to have the courage to go for it.

What excites you the most about this opportunity?

The caliber of women within the program is incredibly impressive. It truly excites me to know that I will be in a leadership class with NASA graduates, helicopter pilots, and other tier one industry leaders from around the globe. It will be a rigorous academic environment, but I am looking forward to the challenge, meeting new people, and leveling up academically together.

Even though you’ve been in the role for four months, what do you think your biggest challenges are?

I commenced at Jet Aviation Defence on the October30, 2023, and it has been quite the adventure so far. The biggest challenge I have found was learning as much as possible in such a short amount of time along with being able to build relationships within a remote working environment, especially given how global Jet Aviation is. In saying that, I would love to see Defence pillar grow with business development this year, and it will be a challenge, but a challenge the team & I are up to facing.


“I love being surrounded by the passionate and enthusiastic individuals the aviation industry tends to attract, which I believe to be very important.”

What do you love most about working in the aviation industry?

What I love the most is how this industry can make the world seem smaller yet so much larger. My leader and some of my business partners have their PPL. I love being surrounded by the passionate and enthusiastic individuals the aviation industry tends to attract, which I believe to be very important.

What advice do you have for young women in aviation, or young women looking to start a career in aviation?

I would say to embrace the opportunities to gain experience and actively connect with industry insiders, be confident in your abilities and don’t give up. Sometimes those challenges are there to lead you to personal and professional growth.

Tell us more about your journey towards obtaining your pilot license?

I have always wanted to learn to fly, however flying lessons were not viable for my family growing up, so I worked around the aviation industry. Whether it be on the commercial management of food supply, or advising on strategic reform savings for Defence, I have always been close to the industry. This year, I will be pursuing my PPL to realize a childhood dream, and to push myself out of my comfort zone, because that is where growth and positive change lies.

Thank you Evelyn, and congratulations again!


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