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In Conversation with Edgar Guerreiro, Senior Director MRO & FBO and General Manager Geneva

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We speak with Edgar Guerreiro, Senior Director MRO & FBO and General Manager Geneva, to understand more about his role and what brought him to Jet Aviation, and to see behind the scenes of our team in Geneva. Edgar joined Jet Aviation in 2016 as a Part 145 Supply Chain  Manager. By the time he got into the aviation industry, Edgar already had an international career in hospitality management under his belt.

Where does your passion for aviation come from?
From a very young age I was fascinated with aircraft and aviation. As a kid, I joined a Model Aircraft Club in my hometown Lisbon and built all kinds of models – some for display only, others for flying competitions. I had the best time, even if my builds didn’t win.

Could you describe what a typical day in your role is like for you?
Every day is different, but it usually starts with my check-in at the FBO to meet and greet the team and to learn about the daily operations. Later, at the MRO, we have our morning meeting where we discuss the status of in-house projects and define our action plans. I always make sure there is some time for a quick catch-up chat over coffee as well.

After this morning ritual, I usually meet with customers, take care of administrative tasks and exchange information with the site managers. Sometimes I just walk around in the facility to touch base with my team members. I try to do that as much as possible, it’s one of my favorite duties.

Can you tell us more about your journey from supply chain management to your current position?
After only eight months as SCM Manager, I was given the incredible opportunity to become the Geneva FBO Manager. I then held both roles (SCM and FBO) for almost half a year. This double-hat was quite a challenge, but it gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about myself and my capabilities. I still benefit from this experience in my current role every day.

In October 2020, Cyril Martinière, VP MRO Services Europe and General Manager Basel, and Joao Martins, VP Regional FBO Operations Europe and General Manager Zurich, asked me to take over the General Manager position in Geneva. For me this was an immense proof of trust and appreciation for the work that I’ve been doing over the last few years.

Two and a half years have now passed by since I took my current role, and it is an amazing feeling to work with a such a committed and professional team, always willing to embrace new projects with joy and curiosity. I’m very proud of my team!


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” It is an amazing feeling to work with a such a committed and professional team, always willing to embrace new projects with joy and curiosity.”

What is the role of our Geneva facility in the global network?
Geneva is an extremely important site to the Jet Aviation network and the business aviation industry. We are among the top three busiest airports in the EMEA region from a general aviation and business aviation point of view. Jet Aviation’s MRO and FBO footprint in Geneva is enormous, with an area of 8200 square meters for MRO and another 500 square meters for our FBO.

On the MRO side we are strategically well positioned. Our capabilities allow us to provide an effective support to the Gulfstream fleet, also to the Bombardier Global family and BBJs on both scheduled maintenance and AOGs. On the FBO side, we are the second largest Jet Aviation EMEA station, at this stage fully independent up to Boeing 747.

This combination makes Jet Aviation Geneva the largest and the most complete station operating on the airport. This contributes enormously to the confidence our customers have in us and our capabilities. And then of course there is our team’s dedicated customer service, always anticipating our customers’ needs and expectations.

What are the challenges and benefits of having both FBO and MRO on one site?
MRO and FBO complement each other perfectly, which helps us to provide a seamless experience for our customers. Even with modern aircraft being very reliable, there’s always something that needs to be looked after, something the MRO team can quickly support our customers with. Also, the synergies on the AOGs, drop ins, aircraft parking, maneuvering and many other services are important benefits of having experts from both areas on the same site, working as one team.

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How do the teams work together to best support our customers and meet their changing needs?
Being proactive, offering options, and exploring and utilizing all capabilities available on site – this is what I expect and know my team is striving for in support of our customers. For example, we must take care of a rising number of last-minute slot requests, even for scheduled maintenance. This requires increased flexibility and capacity from our side to make sure we meet our customers’ evolving expectations.

To achieve this, my goal is to manage the site leaders based on trust, honesty, alignment, and transparency, as well as clear communication to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Our recipe for success here is being a trusted local partner, with a multi-national background and global experience. I think this, combined with the passion of our team for what they do, really makes a difference for our customers.

How has the site changed and developed during your time there?
My team and I are permanently looking into new opportunities, new ways and approaches of doing business, new perspectives. On the MRO side, we are developing our capabilities of meeting the industry’s requirements, new authority approvals considering the market demand, or even new parking possibilities inside or outside of our hangars.

On the FBO side, we added our fueling operation two years ago. Last year we started a new de-icing operation, and this year we became fully independent with our large aircraft cargo operation, acquiring high loaders, transporters, and dollies. With this investment we became a fully independent FBO operation.

In 2022, Jet Aviation pioneered in offering Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in Geneva. We managed to have 30.000 liters delivered to the main OEMs present at EBACE, an achievement that would not have been possible without the support of our sister company Gulfstream. At this year’s EBACE, with the lessons learned in 2022 and an impressive commitment to sustainability from operators, OEMs and everybody involved, we managed to more than double the volume delivered. Also, SAF is a choice available for our customers year-round via Book & Claim.

What has impressed me the most during my time here is how my team was able to overcome any challenges we were facing over the recent years. Whether it was the search for a new de-icing partner, adapting to changes in our SAP system or managing the effects the overall geopolitical situation has on Geneva, the team showed incredible resilience and tenacity, finding solutions, and making things work for our company and our customers.

In the future, we will continue to grow, to develop, to innovate, as we make sure to stay flexible enough to go after good opportunities. This is truly our local DNA here in Geneva. We want to be seen as one of the top sites of the industry.

That sounds like you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands. What do you do to decompress?
For me, it’s all about family and friends. I always try to spend as much time as possible with my loved ones. And in addition to aviation, I have another passion: I love the sea! If I have the chance, I like to go surfing, spearfishing, and diving.


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