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Happy Landing for Diamondo

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Diamondo returns from round-the-world mission flight, demonstrating viability of sustainable aviation through Jet Aviation’s global Book & Claim service amongst other sustainable technologies.

Matthias Niederhäuser and Robin Wenger, founders of Diamondo Earthrounding, today completed their 72-leg, round-the-world tour in promotion of sustainable aviation, pointedly landing back in Zurich this morning, Earth Day 2022. Marking the start of the environmental movement in1970, Earth Day recognizes that it will take all of us — businesses, governments, and private citizens working alone and in concert — to promote climate action and protect our planet. With this year’s Earth Day focused on investing in our planet, the Diamondo Earthrounding team is proud of the partnerships they developed before and throughout their 4-month flight journey aimed at demonstrating how readily available technologies can be used to support sustainable aviation, beginning with their aircraft of choice.

The 5-seater Diamond 50 aircraft boasts a fuel-efficient twin turbo charged Jet-fueled 300HP Continental CD-300 engine that’s designed to emit less CO? as well as lower noise emissions. Diamondo Earthrounding collaborated with Jet Aviation throughout their mission to ensure each of their flights supported sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), even when SAF wasn’t available at the locations at which they fueled. Jet Aviation offers blended SAF at its FBO facility in Van Nuys and  Amsterdam. It also supports Global access to SAF through its Book and Claim service, ensuring everyone can choose to be part of the climate solution — anywhere, anytime.

“One thing we learned during our travels is that the difference between reducing emissions through Book & Claim as opposed to offsetting emissions via climate protection initiatives is not well understood,” said Niederhäuser. “The two sustainability solutions are complementary, but not the same.

“Jet Aviation was delighted to support Diamondo Earthrounding’s mission in promoting sustainable aviation with our global Book & Claim service.”

Jet Aviation in Geneva also offers full heavy maintenance for Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) and Bombardier Global Express.

“As SAF’s availability worldwide is currently limited, you need to fuel aircraft with SAF at airports close to where it is produced. This ensures you don’t lose the emission reduction benefits through the unnecessary transportation of SAF. When we couldn’t fuel our aircraft with SAF during our mission, we relied on Jet Aviation’s global Book & Claim service to ensure an equivalent amount of SAF was fueled into an aircraft close to SAF production, thereby reducing our lifecycle C02 emissions by approximately 80%. We then compensated for the remaining 20% of our emissions by partnering with myclimate, which invests in climate carbon offset projects, such as those we visited in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.”

The Zurich team was standing by to meet Matt and Robin as they landed and congratulate them on their successful mission, along with numerous friends, family and co-sponsors who were gathered at Zurich Airport’s observation deck to ensure a warm welcome home.

“Jet Aviation was delighted to support Diamondo Earthrounding’s mission in promoting sustainable aviation with our global Book & Claim service,” said Joao Martins, Jet Aviation’s VP Regional FBO Operations Europe and GM Zurich. “Our Book & Claim partner, SkyNRG, ensures the environmental benefits we offer through Book & Claim are properly accounted for before allocating verified carbon emissions to the end-customer. We all draw on each other’s strengths and skillsets to bring scale to innovative solutions, and we commend Matt and Robin on their bold initiative.

“We believe collaboration is the best way to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for our planet and we will continue to work with partners around the world to foster solutions for a clean environment. Happy Earth Day!”

To find out more about our commitments to corporate social responsbibility, click here.



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