Jet Aviation expands global network of IS-BAH Registered FBOs — now at 28 — through commitment to safety and quality

December 4, 2020

Jet Aviation is pleased to announce it has recently received IS-BAH Stage Two certificates for ten FBOs across its network. The company also received IS-BAH Stage One Registration for its FBO in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia — and expects further IS-BAH certifications in 2021.

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) establishes criteria for best handling systems, processes and practices to ensure FBOs meet rigorous safety and security standards. An FBO becomes IS-BAH Stage One Registered only after an external auditing process confirms it has established an appropriately targeted safety management and operations system in accordance with IS-BAH standards. Stage Two Registration is granted, again following an external audit, when the FBO can further demonstrate effective management of safety risks. To ensure IS-BAH standards are properly upheld, external audits are conducted every two years, with registration being renewed and certificates issued in recognition of continued conformance to IS-BAH safety standards. 

As the leading and growing IS-BAH-registered FBO network worldwide, Jet Aviation brings Yanbu into its fold of IS-BAH Registered FBOs, while taking receipt of IS-BAH Stage Two safety renewals for the following FBOs in EMEA and Asia:

* Geneva & Zurich, Switzerland
* Dusseldorf, Germany
* Vienna, Austria
* Dubai (DXB & DWC), United Arab Emirates
* Jeddah, Medina & Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
* Singapore

“The fact that Yanbu’s registration coincides with the renewal of Stage Two Registration at ten of our global FBOs speaks volumes about Jet Aviation’s culture of safety and high standards,” says Stefan Benz, Jet Aviation’s SVP Regional Operations, EMEA. “We are delighted to renew our commitment to safety and quality through these certificates and welcome the addition of Yanbu into our network of IS-BAH Registered FBOs.”

“These developments are a great testament to the dedication and professionalism our FBO teams across the network, particularly in light of the unexpected and ever-changing demands of Covid,” adds Yew Chung Low, VP Quality, Environment, Health, Safety (EHS) and Security, EMEA. “I am very proud of them and their unwavering focus on meeting the needs of our customers.

“I would also like to extend special thanks to Martina Bartolic, Quality and Safety Manager (ISBAH -EMEA), Zurich, Switzerland; Nuoman Muhammad, Quality Engineer, Dubai; and Shaun Novy, Safety and Compliance Coordinator, Bankstown, Australia. As our documentation task force responsible for the management and operations manual that supports EMEA and APAC’s safety management system (SMS), their rigorous tracking of processes and staunch adherence to quality assurance has played a key role in our success. Thank you.”

Earlier this year, Jet Aviation received IS-BAH Stage One Registration for its six FBOs in Australia as well as its two FBOs in The Netherlands, all of which were acquired by the company in 2018. The company currently has a total of 28 IS-BAH registered FBOs around the world, including 9 in the U.S.A., 12 in EMEA, and 7 in APAC.