Charter EMEA & Asia

Whether it be an international flight across Europe, the Middle or Far East, or America, we have access to the exact aircraft you need whenever you need it. We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, around the world. Our  global charter centers are located in:

Tel +41 58 158 8686          Dubai, U.A.E            Email
Tel +41 58 158 1900 Geneva, Switzerland  Email
Tel +852 2215 3833 Hong Kong, China  Email
Tel +65 6681 7910 Singapore   Email
Tel +1 800 736 8538 Teterboro, USA  Email
Tel +356 20145 453 Valletta, Malta  Email
Tel +41 58 158 8686 Zurich, Switzerland  Email



Jet Aviation Business Jets
Jet Aviation is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD). Since 1967, Jet Aviation has provided global executive charter services and other business aviation services to a discriminating, worldwide clientele. We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, around the world. Our three global charter centers are located in:


Europe: Zurich, Switzerland +41 58 158 8686Contact Email
 Geneva, Switzerland +41 58 158 1900Contact Email
 Dubai, United Arab Emirates +41 58 158 8686Contact Email
Asia: Hong Kong, China +852 2215 3833Contact Email
North AmericaTeterboro, NJ +1 800 736 8538Contact Email


As one of the largest business aviation services company in the world, Jet Aviation also provides aircraft maintenance, completions and refurbishment, VIP aircraft and passenger handling, along with aircraft management and personnel services. The company also operates a fleet of more than 200 business jets.


Jet Aviation Charter Benefits

How does Jet Aviation ensure charter client safety?
To begin with we only hire seasoned professionals with outstanding career histories to fly and maintain our clients' aircraft. We employ state of the art tool to track and monitor aircraft scheduled maintenance and flight crew training currency and rest cycles. We employ safety management system to evaluate risks in Flight profiles and mitigate them prior to departure. 

How a certified and licensed charter company operates in terms of pilot training and required aircraft inspections are things that every charter customer should look at carefully. Reputable charter operators have varied approaches to conducting safe operations not only during the flight itself. At Jet Aviation, safety is our paramount concern and always has been since our company was founded 43 years ago. We have a top down safety culture involving all employees regardless of their position in the organisation and go to great lengths to ensure your safety.

Jet Aviation’s EMEA & Asia charter division has a dedicated full time Safety Manager who reports directly to our General Manager. Dedicated specialists, such as our Head of Flight Operations, Quality Manager or Manager Ground Operations personally visit charter vendors to audit and evaluate their facilities, aircraft and crews as well as their operating standards. Of the several hundreds of charter operators in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we have approved just about 50 of them to provide charter services for our clients. Our goal is to provide the highest quality aviation services possible and in doing so, give our clients peace of mind when traveling with us. Jet Aviation’s impeccable safety record gives evidence of the importance we place on client safety.

Does charter flying with Jet Aviation offer financial benefits?
It does, when you consider our charter rates encompass the intangible value of running a world-class, safe, worldwide operation. It is something to think about when comparing prices from operator to operator. So much more customer value comes with the Jet Aviation choice that it is hard to place a price on it. Flying charter on demand is a pay-as-you-fly solution when you wish to have absolutely no financial commitment. However, to get the most for your money when flying charter with Jet Aviation, consider a volume charter agreement, which offers financial incentives based on your annual flight activities.

What are some advantages of charter flying with Jet Aviation?
Our coordination centers are available every day of the year around the clock. Twenty-four hour availability is the service standard at Jet Aviation, which is not something every charter provider offers its customers. If you need to make itinerary changes in the middle of the night, you know someone at Jet Aviation will be there to answer your call.

Can Jet Aviation help me choose the right aircraft?
Yes, of course, and we are available 24 hours every day. Our experienced charter service representatives will work with you in planning your travel itinerary, and suggest the ideal aircraft available for your trip. The fleet section of this site will give you idea of the types of aircraft you can charter, and our service representatives will offer you their advice and counsel. They’ll help you make the best choice for you, your passengers, and your trip.

Where can Jet Aviation fly me?
Virtually the entire world is available, provided the flight is to a safe airport in a legal destination. No charter provider today has flown to more locations in the world than Jet Aviation. In fact, very few companies can match the international expertise of Jet Aviation. We can handle all of your customs, passport and visa questions other requirements for entering another country.

What are Jet Aviation’s in-flight standards?
Jet Aviation serves a discriminating international clientele drawn from the ranks of private wealth, major corporations, financial institutions, entertainment and sports; just to name a few of our customers’ endeavors. Our standards are their standards; nothing but the best in in-flight catering, expertly trained pilots and cabin service personnel will do, with luxurious appointments and fittings throughout the aircraft. Most of the aircraft we fly have top of the line options in communications and entertainment equipment, and complete galleys with meal preparation capabilities. On the majority of aircraft offered for charter flights there will be a flight attendant on board. In all other cases we will be pleased to arrange this service for you. In short, you won’t be disappointed when you fly with Jet Aviation.