Basel - Boeing Team

At Jet Aviation Basel, we are an Authorized Service and Warranty Center for BBJ aircraft and our team of Boeing maintenance professionals performs heavy maintenance on all Boeing aircraft types. Our highly trained technicians pride themselves in having the best turnaround times for 12 years inspections and are fully committed and focused on precise workmanship and on-time delivery. 

We have hangar space strictly reserved for your maintenance checks, including B737 docking equipment and will perform any special requirements you may have for your Boeing aircraft.

We also perform minor and major refurbishment services in-house and our other on-site production shops also offer you the convenience of a cost efficient one-stop-shop solution.

  • Boeing BBJ Series
  • Boeing B737 / B747 / B777 / B787 series

  • Extensive experience on B737NG heavy maintenance (over twelve 12 years checks completed in the last 3 years) including landing gear R&R for overhaul, auxiliary fuel tank system maintenance and configuration change
  • Several B767 heavy checks performed over the past 2 years, involving landing gear R&R for overhaul, structure improvement modifications (SIPs)
  • Major cabin refurbishments, LOPA reconfiguration on B737, B747, B757, B767
  • Complete CMS/IFE systems replacement
  • Satcom upgrades
  • Pre-purchase inspections