Basel - Engineering

Our on-site engineering teams at Jet Aviation Basel provide custom solutions to meet your specifications, while ensuring technical feasibility and certification requirements, whether you want to equip an entirely green aircraft with a customized cabin interior or upgrade the IFE system on your aircraft or elements of an existing interior.

Utilizing the latest 3D engineering tools, our dedicated engineering team works closely with our sales, interior design, production, and installation teams from initial concept design through final delivery while our in-house certification personnel with expertise in EASA and FAA requirements ensure certifiable products that comply with the approved interior design package. Modern cabin interior design requires a highly integrated team of diverse technical experts to incorporate ergonomics, styling, IFE, deployable tables and monitors, emergency equipment, headrests, audio/video switches, trays, and more.

In addition, our avionics engineers plan the integration of avionics systems as well as the wiring that provides you with outlets and ports where you want them. We are always aware of technological advances in the avionics industry, as well as changes in requirements set by aviation authorities. Clients count on us to keep them up-to-date and prepared for overhauls or upgrades to their avionics systems.

  • Certifications (FAA and EASA), EASA DOA certificate
  • In-flight entertainment system integration and upgrade
  • Component installation and testing
  • System integration and testing
  • Equipment customization and upgrades

  • Boeing BBJ series, B757/B767/B787/B747
  • Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321/A330/A340/A350/380


  • Aruba DCA
  • Azerbaijan SCAA
  • Bahrain CAA
  • Bermuda DCA
  • Brasil ANAC
  • Burkina Faso ANAC
  • Cameroon CAA
  • Canada TCCA
  • Cayman Islands CAA
  • Gabon DGCA
  • Guernsey DCA
  • India DGCA
  • Kazakhstan CAC
  • Libya CAA
  • Malaysia DCA
  • Nigeria CAA
  • Oman DGCAM
  • Philippines
  • Qatar DCA
  • Russia CAA
  • Saudi Arabia GACA
  • South African CAA
  • Swiss FOCA (EASA)
  • Turkish DGCA

Engineering and certification services for custom modifications regarding:

  • Cabin layout changes
  • Cabin Refurbishment
  • IFE, Lighting and Electrical systems installation and upgrade
  • Satcom Systems installation and upgrade
  • Components and system integration
  • Navigation and Communication systems installation and upgrade
  • Repairs
  • Recertification EASA-FAA and viceversa

On- and off-site pre-purchase inspection (analysis, change of documents, registration and regulations)

Any aircraft of the category “Large” (above 5700 kg/12500 Lbs. of maximum certified take-off weight)

  • EASA Design Organization Approval EASA.21J.356
  • UAE GCAA Design Organization Approval DOA/127
  • Azerbaijan Republic Design Organization Recognition V-253
  • French State Airplanes Design Organization Recognition FRA21J.006-DGA
  • South African CAA Design Organization Approval D687
  • USA FAA DER Services as required

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