Basel - AOG

To ensure you have required maintenance support when and where you need it, our team of highly qualified technicians provide 24/7 AOG and spare parts services dedicated to minimizing the unplanned downtime of your aircraft.

For any and all emergency or AOG occurrences, whether you require spare parts, tools or manpower in remote areas, we immediately enlist personnel or parts from the nearest available Jet Aviation maintenance facility or aircraft service center to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. To ensure your AOG maintenance needs are met as required, we have EASA-certified B1, B2 and C technicians on-hand and available for dispatch should you require critical maintenance support off-site. We are always on standby, equipped with visas for most of the EMEA & Asian countries and can be mobile within two hours.

Call our AOG 24/7 hotline at +800 5387 8277

From outside Europe call: +41 58 158 48 48