The Team - Design Studio

The Jet Aviation Design Studio consist of a team of expert design professionals with an international reputation in the industry for quality work, innovative design solutions and inspirational creative concepts, an expertise which comes from the Studio’s long-standing history in designing V.I.P. aviation interiors for an elite clientele.

“The Design Studio at Jet Aviation Basel is dedicated to the creative process, designing bespoke and unique interiors to exceed your needs and expectations. Whether managing the entire creative process or working in collaboration with other design houses offering design management services, we push the limits to remain ahead of the design curve to create new and inspirational designs and to provide the ultimate service to our clients.”

Elisabeth Harvey, Head of Design Studio

Elisabeth Harvey is head of the Jet Aviation Design Studio since 2009. During this time she has led the creation of many wide- and narrow-body interiors for Airbus and Boeing airframes. Prior to joining Jet Aviation Basel in 2006, Elisabeth gained significant experience in luxury high-end residential interior design in London and she also has a strong background in design project management.