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World Safety and Health at Work Day

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Jet Aviation’s best assets bear their shining armor for World Safety and Health at Work Day

Today, April 28, is World Safety and Health at Work Day, a day on which we celebrate the prevention of occupational accidents each year and support workplace health and safety. To commemorate the day and promote the health and safety standards that Jet Aviation upholds every day of the year, some of our team share the story behind the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they wear to keep them safe on the job (from left to right in the photo).


Alexandra Dubois, Paint Shop Apprentice:

The full face mask I'm holding protects my head, face and lungs from paint and fumes. It is connected to a belt that continuously transmits filtered air into the mask. We wear it while painting an aircraft, because of the amount of paint and overspray that can get in our eyes, skin, and hair. We also have half masks which we combine with safety glasses and ear protection when sanding or painting small items. The overalls are used to protect us from paint or dust. They come in different types and can also prevent us from bringing dust or any other dirt into the cabin while painting. Similarly, we have different gloves for different jobs. These blue plastic gloves are used during painting because of the liquid chemicals we handle.


Cédric Frey-Issner, Workshop Technician, Production:

While working with machines and manual tools in Production, the more durable gloves I'm wearing protect my hands. My protective glasses shield my eyes from parts and shavings that could otherwise fly into them, while the ear muffs protect my ears from loud machines and ambient sound when it is noisy.


Sebastien Chagnot, Workshop Technician, Composite Shop:

I'm wearing a powered air respirator with filters on the belt that are connected by a breathing tube to the protective visor. This protects me and other Composite Shop technicians from composite materials, sanding dust, resins and chemical vapors. What you don't see are the nitril gloves I wear when I am sanding or working with resins or fibers, including carbon, Kevlar, or glass.

“The safety harness … also offers psychological comfort. As I know I’m safe in my harness, I’m better able to fully concentrate on the work at hand.”

Antti Juutilainen, Aircraft Maintenance Technician:

As an aircraft technician I'm working from heights on almost a daily basis. Anyone who is working from a height of six feet (1.8 meters) or more above the floor should wear a safety harness if a suitable anchor point is available. This holds true whether working from heights permanently, temporarily, or even just for a few minutes. The safety harness protects both the employee and the aircraft in the event of slips, falls or being thrown off balance at higher altitudes. For me, it also offers psychological comfort. As I know I'm safe in my harness, I'm better able to fully concentrate on the work at hand.


Elodie Michel, Workshop Technician, Upholstery:        

Upholsterers use safety gloves with an anti-cut coating to protect our hands when using the cutter. While working with glues, we wear a 3M mask, which provides a secure face seal to protect us from contaminants present in the glue solvents. We use noise-canceling headphones, when using a noisy machine, such as a foam saw or sander.


Filippo Rotolo, Certifying Workshop Technician, NDT Shop:

To protect my body and uniform, I wear safety glasses, gloves and a long protective apron. The glasses are UV-filtering to protect my eyes during inspection under the strong UV light. My clothes are all dark in order to avoid reflections that could disturb the inspections I perform in the dark.


Many thanks to all of our employees who help keep one another, and the assets in our care, safe every day.

Happy World Safety and Health at Work Day, and stay safe!


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