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Diary of an Apprentice: Moritz Weiland & Leandro Fernandez

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Meet some of our apprentices as they progress and develop in their careers at Jet Aviation. This month, we interview Moritz Weiland and Leandro Fernandez, at the early stage of their Mechanical Engineer apprenticeship in Basel, who explain how they came into this career and what they have learned so far. After two years of professional training in the Basel Mechanical Lehrwerkstatt, our two apprentices will join us on site for a more concrete aviation industry work experience.

Firstly, what inspired you to work at Jet Aviation?
Moritz: I have dreamt of becoming a pilot since my childhood. Unfortunately, as I am colorblind, I had to slightly reconsider my dream. With this apprenticeship I can be connected to aviation and the aircraft that fascinate me and perform a trade that I enjoy every day.

Leandro: Aviation has fascinated me for a long time. Working for Jet Aviation means a lot to me as a Swiss-born and raised student. I am happy to get some experience from such a well-known international company that operates worldwide but that still has its Swiss roots.

Why Mechanical Engineering?
Moritz: When I looked at what exists in terms of current apprenticeships and specializations, I was immediately enticed by what Jet Aviation offers to young students. This field of study is for me a great starting point into the aviation world.

Leandro: Mechanical Engineering offers a wide array of opportunities to work with big machines. I love working with my hands and tools and seeing a real product coming to life at the end. It is very rewarding.

What does your job look like?
Moritz: I produce work pieces using various types of machining techniques such as drilling, turning, milling, or grinding. Each material, part and technique is very unique, but what I love the most and get the most satisfaction out of is when they are all assembled together and become one masterpiece. At the moment I am working on the production of 80 parts that will be sold to real customers. Knowing that each part has to be manufactured to perfection and be completely identical to one another, I am challenging myself to succeed.

Leandro: I agree with Moritz, what we do is so diverse, and I love it. It’s great to start from a raw material and observe all product applications and usages that can derive from a part.

What aspects do you enjoy the most, and what’s the most challenging?
Moritz: I am passionate about milling. From all the techniques I have learned and practiced so far, this particular technical skill, is the one I enjoy the most on a regular basis. What I find challenging is the unknown. As I just started my professional career I have everything to learn and sometimes I can get a bit nervous about it.

Leandro: I am currently at the learning center three days a week and two days with my classmates at school, and I enjoy the balance between the theory and the practical work. I am personally a fan of CNC programming. Learning new techniques and skills almost each day is motivating but I am sometimes a bit worried not to do it right as a beginner in this industry. Sometimes however, some work is easier than it seems, so it reassures me. What I also enjoy is the fact that despite a constantly evolving market and new technology advancements, some machinery and tools remain unchanged. It’s very interesting to balance “antique” and modern technology.


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“We are very happy to have Leandro and Moritz in our training center. They have a great attitude and open-mindedness spirit, and it’s rewarding to help them develop cross skills that can help them both personally and in their future work environment.” – David  Lörtscher, trainer at the Lehrwerkstatt

Was there anything that surprised you about the job?
Moritz: I was definitely surprised to see the unlimited possibilities that sheet metal parts can offer. The texture, the complexity, the application and the final product. All steps are unique and complementary at the same time.

Leandro: As a dual Swiss-Spanish, 17-year-old apprentice, I also enjoy working in a multinational environment. Here at the Lehrwerkstatt, each student is coming from a different background with a special personal story, it’s great to be able to share and learn from others. There is always something to learn either professionally or personally. The training center is for me a great basic training and teaching for my future life.

What is it like to be an apprentice at your age?
Moritz & Leandro: It changes your life! We are used to the traditional home/school routine, but now that we have put our first foot in the working world, we are slowly settling in, with less free time for ourselves. However, it is great to learn a lot of new things each day, even though sometimes it can become quite overwhelming at our young age. All is feasible if you have the right can-do attitude from the beginning.

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What advice do you have for someone starting an apprenticeship?
Moritz& Leandro: To pick the right trade from the beginning! It’s very important to spend time searching the right information about your future career path and exchange with students and professionals from the industry, before making a decision.

Where do you see yourself in a few years’ time?
Moritz: I see myself successfully completing my apprenticeship. I want to pursue my studies further with a Baccalauréat at some point to be able to have more responsibilities in my future job.

Leandro: I see myself as a mechanical engineer aviation specialist with some experience and knowledge gained along the way. I am passionate about this field and would like to pursue my career in this trade.

Can you share with us a little about what you do outside of work?
Moritz: I spend time with my friends and family, which are my pillars in life.

Leandro: I agree, I maximize my time with my friends. I also love exercising at the fitness studio, when possible.

Thank you both, we wish you all the best to your future aviation career!



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