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Choosing a Maintenance Partner

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We speak with Florent Feltrin and Jason Mulcock, Partners at MPLANES and customers of Jet Aviation Basel, to talk about the importance of the C2-check and how they choose a maintenance partner.


Hi Florent, hi Jason, and thank you for speaking with us. First of all, how significant is the C2-check for an operator?

The C-check is one of the critical maintenance and operational tasks in maintaining continued airworthiness. It also has a significant contribution to the total life-cycle cost of an aircraft, for example, avoiding lost flights because of system or component failure, maintaining good performance, ensuring passenger safety, and extending the life of the aircraft by ensuring continued safe performance for the expected period of time.

What is your biggest consideration when choosing a provider for this check?

The quality of the work is paramount. We also think about the provider’s capacity for troubleshooting, and their creativity and agility in resolving technical problems quickly (also at aircraft delivery after a C-check). Of course, cost is a consideration, but in balance with quality and downtime.

It is also important to see the capacity of the MRO representatives in contact with us to be creative and anticipate our needs, to be transparent, and to propose alternative solutions (such as repair of parts instead of only proposing new or exchange, or proposing different sources for suppliers), and to be flexible. The MRO representative has to be able to think “in the shoes” of the clients before making their proposals, updates, etc, and ensure that these communications are tailored and appropriate to avoid confusion. Picking up the phone to make a clarification before sending an email can save a lot of lost time.

As a C-check is such a significant piece of work, there can also be additional scope added to the project, and the maintenance center must be able to handle this, and be flexible enough to add in additional tasks if requested by us or the Principal. A C-check almost always offers the opportunity to upgrade avionics, refurbishment of the cabin, new paint, etc… and it is of utmost importance that the maintenance center can offer a wide range of additional services to maximize downtime.

How does Jet Aviation answer these considerations?

Jet Aviation has a good structure and processes that support client relations. We have access to the aircraft, and to the relevant staff, and this gives us the confidence that everything is in hand, allowing us to focus on our role.

“We think about the provider’s capacity for troubleshooting, and their creativity and agility in resolving technical problems quickly. Of course, cost is a consideration, but in balance with quality and downtime.”

What is the role of MPLANES in the process?

MPLANES managed this C-check from start to finish, challenging and questioning the maintenance center's technical decisions and commercial proposals and providing that essential bridge between owner and supplier. The result was a smoother process, with less obstacles and a satisfied client thanks to professional project management and cost savings.

We have also worked with Jet Aviation on other projects, such as one example when another client's project had ground to a halt due to project mismanagement. With Jet Aviation, we were able to lead it to a satisfactory conclusion, despite the fact that the aircraft had not flown for two years, required a 96-month check, new interior and new paint. By holding an active part in the project management, and sometimes even challenging the proposals of the completion center and OEM, we were able to collaborate on some innovative solutions which contributed to the project's success. Our philosophy is to always seek solutions in partnership — while remaining assertive when necessary!

We strongly believe that we also add value to the maintenance company, in this case Jet Aviation, because they are dealing with experts in the field of aircraft maintenance, not an owner, who usually has other focus areas. It allows for a smoother decision process and reduces delays to a minimum. The invoicing stage is also simplified as it has been followed in detail from the beginning.


Thank you Florent and Jason for your insight! Learn more about our Maintenance capabilities here.


Pictured: Florent Feltrin (Left), Jet Aviation's Gaétan Marck (Center), Jason Mulcock (Right)


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