Jet Aviation Staffing (formally Jet Professionals) is a premier global staffing service company that provide numerous career opportunities for qualified personnel within the business aviation industry. To assist us with your aviation career, below are some frequently asked questions per topic:


Q: Who can view my online profile and application information?
A: On our new platform, hullo Aircrew, you have the opportunity to mark your profile private, that way it is not visible to the public and only we can see it.

Q: I've been in your database for months but I still have not heard from you.
A: We contact crewmembers on an as needed basis. Your training records and calendar of availability on hullo Aircrew can also help us see when you are free for trips or not, so be sure to keep it updated.

Q: I am having trouble logging into the website.
A: Send an email to info@hulloaircrew.com or at jobs@jetaviation.com for assistance.

Q: I forgot my password or I've exceeded my login attempts, how do I reset my credentials?
A: Click on Forgotten Password on the main hullo Aircrew login in page.  If you encounter a problem you may send an email to info@hulloaircrew.com for further assistance.  

Q: What type of positions do you recruit for?
A: We recruit for a variety of positions within in the business aviation sector which include but are not limited to: pilots, flight attendants, aircraft mechanics, management positions, sales, and operations.

Q: Do the positions you recruit for require experience in business aviation?
A: Typically yes, however the specific requirements are driven by the clients' requests and the scope of the position.

Q: If I were to get a type rating, which type would you recommend?
A: The decision to obtain a type rating is a personal one and we do not recommend any specific type ratings since the position requirements we receive from our clients are vastly different.

Q: I am retiring from the military at the end of the year, would you be able to find me a position?
A: We recommend applying on our website when you are close to retirement and speaking to one of our recruiters.

Q: I have taken flight attendant training and I am looking for a position; but I am new to the industry, what are your suggestions?
A: We recommend networking with industry professionals, joining associations and making contacts in the industry.

Q: Do you recommend flight attendants take culinary classes?
A: All additional classes that would elevate your expertise are quite helpful.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to fly with Jet Aviation Staffing?
A: Due to our strict insurance coverage, we require that any crew members flying with us meet or exceed the following criteria:


  • 3500 total time
  • 100 IN-TYPE
  • Current 1st class medical
  • 12-month current SIM-Based training, aircraft specific
  • Valid FAA license


  • 2500 total time
  • 50 IN-TYPE
  • Current 1st class medical
  • 12-month current SIM-Based training, aircraft specific
  • Valid FAA license


  • Current CPR/first-aid training
  • Current flight attendant training, completed within the last 12 months
  • (FACTS, Flight Safety, or similar)

Q: A company contacted me directly for a position, but I know the client pays me through Jet Aviation Staffing, should I contact you?
A: Yes. Always touch base with us if a client contacts you for a trip as we need to be aware of when our crewmembers fly. Also in order for you to submit your request for pay we must know of the trip in advance. 

Q: What aircraft type has the most demand?
A: The need varies, in the Northeast; the GV series is very popular. However, please keep in mind that you will need hours in the aircraft to be utilized, not just a type-rating.

Q: What is the pay rate for the aircraft?
A: Our pay rates vary by the clients. You will see the daily rate when you are contacted for a trip assignment.

Q: My training vendor has advised me that training is good for two years, does this apply to Jet Aviation Staffing standards?
A: Our insurance requires that all crewmembers maintain 12 month currency.

Q: If travel is needed, will Jet Aviation Staffing make these arrangements?
A: If our client does not book your travel arrangements, then it is the responsibility of the crewmember to arrange their travel and you will be reimbursed for these expenses after the trip.

Q: I just completed a trip, how do I get paid?
A: PILOTS/CSRs: When you login to hullo Aircrew’s website after the completion of your trip, you’ll see an action item ‘JOB READY FOR INVOICING” Click on this link and you’ll be taken to the job page to review the details.  If the job changed (number of days, additional travel time) and needs to be adjusted, please click on REQUEST JOB CHANGES and submit the change to the account management team for review.  If the trip remained the same as the details on the site then click on REQUEST PAYMENT.  Once you submit the pay request, changes cannot be made to the job so please make sure it is correct before submitting.  We will then process your daily pay on the next payroll cycle. Jet Aviation Staffing Expenses are done through the Concur Expense System.

Q: When do I get paid?
A: All crewmembers daily pay is paid in accordance with our regular weekly pay cycle. For our weekly payroll cutoff dates please email jobs@jetaviation.com
A. Technical employees are paid weekly, providing an approved timecard has been received by the Monday deadline.

Q: Does Jet Aviation Staffing require time cards from the technical contractors and how do I get paid?
A: All hourly contractors need to submit their electronic time card through our time and attendance system, SuccessFactors.  If you do not have login to access the system please call us or email us at jobs@jetaviation.com

Q: Where can I get my paystubs?
A: Employees can access their paystubs by logging onto the General Dynamics portal https://ewebpass.gendyn.com/login/login.html. If you are a first time user, contact SRI (Shared Resources Inc.) at 1-877-433-6777 for a password.

Q: How can I update my banking information?
A: Banking info can be updated under the General Dynamics employee self-service site https://ewebpass.gendyn.com/login/login.html. Once you have logged in, click on the link that says direct deposit to update your information.

Q: Who can I speak to regarding my tax deductions?
A: Contact SRI at 1-877-433-6777 and they can assist you with tax deductions.

Q: I didn't receive my W-2, where can I get a copy?
A: W-2s can be viewed and printed by accessing through the General Dynamics employee self-service site https://ewebpass.gendyn.com/login/login.html. Go to payroll and tax information and click on the link to obtain a copy of your W-2.

Q: How do I update my W4?
A: W4s can be updated by logging into the General Dynamics employee self-service portal. https://ewebpass.gendyn.com/login/login.html. You can also contact SRI for assistance by calling 1-877-433-6777.

Q: How do I update an address change?
A: Address changes can be made by logging into the General Dynamics employee self-service portal https://ewebpass.gendyn.com/login/login.html. Crew members must also Jet Aviation Staffing update their profile on the hullo Aircrew website directly.

Q: Who do I contact for employment verification?
A: Send an email to info@talx.com or call 314-214-7000.

Q: I locked myself out of Concur Expense System, who do I can contact to reset my login?
A: Call the SRI Employee Service Center at 1-877-433-6777

Q: How long does it take to get my expenses reimbursed?
If a crewmember is enrolled in direct deposit, expenses can take up to 48 hours once the expense has been approved. If you do not sign up for direct deposit then expenses will be paid on the next payroll cycle along with your daily rate. You may send an email to payroll@jet-professionals.com for additional assistance.