Jet Aviation supports VIP attendees at WEF 2017 in Davos-Klosters

January 26, 2017

Jet Aviation successfully supported the surge of VIP customers that arrived at its FBO in Zurich to attend the 47th annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting held January 17-20, 2017 in Davos, Switzerland. The company handled 592 movements, 1,320 passengers and 296 aircraft, further supporting fuel sales of 1.120 million liters.

As the closest airport of entry to Davos, Switzerland, Jet Aviation’s FBO at Zurich International Airport once again ramped up its team and resources to support attendees of the World Economic Forum (WEF) held last week in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland from January 17-20, 2017.

This year, the Zurich FBO WEF team consisted of 72 handling professionals, including 20 fueling specialists, 41 local handling and administrative personnel, and an additional 11 handling agents from its Basel, Dubai, Dusseldorf, Geneva, Jeddah, Munich, Palm Beach and Singapore facilities. The Zurich FBO further expanded its automobile fleet to 32, up from 10 during normal operations, including vehicles from Mercedes, BMW, Sixt and Garage Foitek AG (Maserati). It also retained the Basel-based Allen Group to assist with aircraft technical cleaning in the days leading up to and following the assembly.

In cooperation with the company’s Munich and Basel operations, the Zurich FBO handled 592 movements, 1,320 passengers and 296 WEF aircraft at Zurich International Airport and the nearby military airport in Dubendorf. The company was the only FBO in Zurich that supported 15 aircraft in Dubendorf.

“The entire team truly pulled together to provide an excellent customer experience,” said Joao Martins, general manager of the Zurich facility. “Last year we employed FBO1 to better connect, harmonize and manage our global FBO network. It was wonderful to see how our personnel from Zurich and Basel, across EMEA and the U.S. all worked together to provide a seamless service delivery as one team.”