Jet Aviation Dusseldorf approves in-flight use of Apple iPad for Jeppesen IFR and VFR charts

February 7, 2012

Dusseldorf, Germany  --  Jet Aviation Dusseldorf recently approved the use of the Apple iPad for in-flight visualization of Jeppesen IFR and VFR charts under its Part 21 EASA authority.

Using the Apple iPad as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Class 1 information management device helps flight crews manage their tasks more easily and efficiently than with paper-based reference materials. Now our customers' flight crews can download the Jeppesen Aviation iPad application to view Jeppesen's electronic IFR / VFR charts on their iPad, eliminating the need to read paper charts while in-flight. The approval is applicable to the first generation of iPad and the iPad 2.

"We aim to ensure our customers have every possible advantage in terms of safety and efficiency, and we are pleased to offer the benefits of paperless flying," says Sebastian Groeger, vice president and general manager of Jet Aviation Dusseldorf.

In accordance with EASA's Temporary Guidance Leaflet (TGL) 36, the company's approval of Apple iPad for Jeppesen IFR and VFR charts applies to all Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft types and includes aviation diagrams and maps; airport search, terminal chart-browsing and favorite lists; and airway manuals, approach plates and terminal procedures. Approval of power outlets to charge the iPads can also be made available.