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Jet Aviation is one of the largest international providers of private jet charter services. With a modern fleet of the largest aircraft and support by a global staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Jet Aviation can match the right private aircraft to your charter needs.  Private jet travelers have a choice of flexible options, including on-demand, block charter, and prepaid.

When it comes to our clients, Jet Aviation’s top priority is their safety. Our superior safety management practices, including strict internal and external aircraft and aircrew approval processes, mean that you and your passengers travel worry free.

Our global charter centers are located in:

Tel +1 800 736 8538          Teterboro, NJ / USA           Email

Tel +1 818 841 6190          Burbank, CA / USA           Email

Tel +41 58 158 8686          Zurich, Switzerland            Email

Tel +41 58 158 1900          Geneva, Switzerland           Email

Tel +852 2215 3833           Hong Kong, China              Email


Charter flights in the USA are operated by Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc. or other FAR Part 135 certified air carriers.

Jet Aviation has more than forty years of experience completing, maintaining and managing every kind of private aircraft from small business jets through executive airliners. This depth of experience is unmatched and ensures that we have the expertise to handle any task from day to day flight operations, aircraft management and charter to complete aircraft renovations. 

Today, we are owned by General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) company and Jet Aviation is a preeminent worldwide leader in the business aviation service company. With international locations and close to 4,500 employees, we are dedicated to providing our clients with impeccable customer service internationally and around the clock.  Whether you are a first time charter customer or a frequent traveler, Jet Aviation is ready to serve you.


On Demand provides all of the benefits of business jet charter with no need to purchase or maintain an aircraft, enter into a long-term contract, or join a membership program. You have the freedom to pay as you travel, enabling you to maintain maximum financial and scheduling flexibility. You’ll have the freedom to choose the aircraft that best suits your trip.

On demand charter is best for those who travel under 100 hours per year.

Block Charter agreements offer discounts in exchange for agreeing to purchase a certain number of charter hours, or blocks, to be used over a period of time. A variety of programs can be tailored to meet your needs depending on your flight requirements.

Block charter is advantageous for companies and individuals with travel profiles of over 100 flight hours per year.


Privileged Travel Jet Card is a prepaid option that allows you to choose from a selection of some of the finest business aircraft, ranging from small jets to global aircraft, paying only for the aircraft size you require. Moreover, there are no blackout dates.


Privileged Travel Jet Card benefits include:

  • Guaranteed aircraft availability
  • Predictable travel costs
  • Occupied hour pricing
  • 40% rebate on qualified round trips
  • No blackout dates
  • Personal service: we will work with you to create a trip that matches your needs
  • No capital investment, multi-year contract or residual aircraft value risk
  • No aircraft positioning or empty leg fees within the primary service area
  • All flight-related fees such as handling, fuel, crew and standard catering included

Charter flights in the USA are operated by Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc. or other FAR Part 135 certified air carriers.

Is aircraft charter a safe way to fly?
Yes. Here is some background on how the system works. Charter companies and pilots are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before they are allowed to fly. Once this certification is achieved, their continued operation is at the FAA’s discretion, and they receive constant oversight under rigid safety regulations. Becoming certified is a lengthy, time-consuming procedure.

 FAA staff routinely audit charter operators' records, which can also be subject to periodic unannounced FAA safety spot checks and safety spot review by independent safety auditors. Charter pilot qualifications are comparable to those for commercial airline pilots, and include minimums for training and flight-time experience. The facilities that conduct safety training programs for charter pilots are held to the same rigorous standards as the centers that train commercial airline pilots. Some requirements are even more stringent for the charter operator.


Are there financial benefits to chartering an aircraft?
If you are in a fractional program or once owned an aircraft, you will find, you give up nothing in service, safety and comfort, but without a major capital expenditure. Flying charter requires no investment, nor is there the risk of lower residual aircraft value after a few years. Charter is the most cost-effective choice you can make. Combine the financial benefits with the efficiency of the charter choice, and you have made the right decision. Does charter flying with Jet Aviation offer financial benefits? 


What are some other advantages of charter flying?
Security, safety, comfort and productivity are the top reasons businesses and individuals charter today. You can set your own schedule and determine the route and destinations of your choice. Aircraft charter is often the most efficient private aviation solution, in terms of both time and money. With over 5,000 general aviation airports available to charter aircraft in the United States, and many more worldwide, you’ll land closer to your destination than you would flying commercially. This benefit alone will save you great amounts of time. Arrive at the airport, check in immediately and be on your way, with privacy, discretion, and the highest service and quality standards. What are some advantages of charter flying with Jet Aviation?


How do I know what model aircraft is best for my trip?
This is a question of matching the proper aircraft type to the mission profile of your trip. The distance you plan to travel and the number of passengers on board will be two factors you will want to consider. In general, smaller aircraft are more economical for short trips. They seat fewer passengers and operate at lower costs. Larger jets are more comfortable for long trips with higher numbers of people traveling. Can Jet Aviation help me choose the right aircraft?


Can I fly charter to an international destination?
That will depend on the charter company you choose. Some companies fly only within the 48 contiguous states, or within a region. If you are flying internationally, it is best to inquire first whether the company is capable and authorized to fly to international destinations. Flight rules differ from country to country, and you must be sure that the company you are flying with has not only international flying experience but also pilots who are highly experienced and trained in international travel. Where can Jet Aviation fly me?


What kind of in-flight service standards and amenities can I expect when I charter?
If you are accustomed to flying in a fractional program or have owned your own aircraft, you will find that by flying charter, you will give up nothing in terms of service and comfort. The majority of charter jets are owned by companies and high net worth individuals who have exceptionally high standards for quality, and make their aircraft available for charter. Because of this, you will find the services and amenities you expect in charter aircraft.