We are proud of our diverse workforce and how we embrace each other’s differences. Our close to 4,500 employees around the world speak over 50 different languages combined.  With a full understanding of each other's cultural background, we bring together a benefit of superior services for our elite clientele. Jet Aviation provides diversity immersion training to provide employees with the communication tools to make this multi-cultural experience better every day.

Our management teams partner around the world to provide our employees career opportunities, development and cultural experiences that go beyond any other work experience. We provide travel opportunities for some employees to have that experience abroad and explore new possibilities that transcend their own goals.

Total rewards is a topic that companies have discussed for years. Employee satisfaction is a never-ending seeking of the right formula to attract and retain the best and the brightest.

Work/Life Balance

Employees today expect that companies understand their need to succeed at home and at work. Companies that lead industry-competitive advantage understand that it is important for a stable workforce to find that work-life balance that makes them happy in all fronts.  At Jet Aviation our employees come first!

Jet Aviation has embarked in putting attractive programs together to meet employees’ expectations which in return will have a positively effect in the services we provide.  From health and wellness initiatives and programs, telecommuting opportunities, flexible schedules, bonus, commission and incentive programs, educational assistance, employee events, participating in charitable causes and volunteerism, we want our employees to know that we are committed to them, the communities we are members of and our society!