Vision / Mission / Our Values

Jet Aviation’s vision, mission and core value statements represent a clear message to our clients, employees, shareholders, manufacturers, vendors and the industry at large about our goals and our leadership responsibility as a service organization and employer. These statements will guide all our employees as we go about our daily work and will affect not only our way of dealing with our immediate environment but will also help us realize our ambition to become the leader in business aviation services worldwide.

Our Vision

Our long-term goal is to be the leader in business aviation services worldwide.

Our Mission

  • We consider the safety and security of our clients and employees to be our first priority in all our operations and services.
  • We provide our clients with impeccable services and products that meet superior standards.
  • We offer our employees an excellent working environment and reward entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding performance.
  • We generate sustainable financial results and increasing value for our shareholders.
  • We maintain mutually rewarding and reliable partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and authorities.
  • We act responsibly towards society and the environment and conduct business to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Our Values

  • Trust: we trust each other to do the right thing for Jet Aviation as a whole.
  • Honesty: we are honest to each other and we tell the truth to ourselves and others.
  • Alignment: we are one aligned team dedicated to serving our customers.
  • Transparency: we are transparent to our customers, to each other, and to GD. 

Our Services

As a globally recognized leader in the business aviation industry, we have been ensuring your health and safety for almost half a century. Whether you are interested in maintenance, completions and refurbishment, FBO, aircraft charter, aircraft management or staffing, rely on our award-winning aircraft-support services to meet your needs — wherever you are or want to go.