Refurbishment Shops

Exotic wood veneers. 24-karat gold inlays. Hand-woven silk carpets. Jet Aviation offers a team of professionals who expertly weave together the finest materials to bring a client’s vision to life.

Whether your taste is fabulous or functional, the design team at Jet Aviation St. Louis can create anything you can imagine. We have access to an infinite selection of high-quality materials to achieve any desire, and we are a preferred completions center for many manufacturers. Our leading designers can transform any dated look into understated sophistication, with a mix of luxurious textures and patterns.  From reconfigurations to soft goods, veneers, and finishes, our team is ready to turn your vision into reality.  We design interiors for many airframes, including Gulfstreams, Falcons, Globals, Challengers, Hawkers, and—now—Boeing Business Jets.

Our cabinetry/finish philosophy is simple. Consistently produce the highest-quality finished cabinetry with total perfection. No exceptions.  And no detail is ever too small. 

  • We never offer “A”, “B” or “C” only options; all of our cabinet configurations are customized to the individual client and they reflect their specific needs and personal styling
  • With both 3 & 5 axis CNC machine capabilities, we can ensure “exact” fit of all components
  • Down-drafted “state-of-the-art” finish spray booths reduce dust particles, creating cleaner steps to ultimate perfection
  • UV roll coating capabilities produce enhanced finish durability and reduce the overall finish process cycle time
  • Precision veneer layup that we map from the front of the aircraft to the back to ensure consistent look and feel

From the plated or marquetry inlays we embed under our finish to ensure lasting quality, to the hand-polished flawless finishes, our team exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Beyond the craftsmanship and expertise, our team delivers:

  • Attitude. There is nothing we can’t accomplish
  • Safety. The safest cabinet shop with an impressive record
  • Quality. Superior quality on an aggressive schedule
  • Customization. The best in the industry, unique. Broad spectrum of talent that covers all facets of wood-working
  • Trust. Clients know that if expectations are set, they are met

Compile a team of lifetime upholsterers who take great pride in paying fine attention to detail, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.

  • Our group of lifetime upholstery professionals breeds a culture of pride that pays attention to even the finest detail while never cutting corners
  • Our advanced machinery includes equipment that detects even the smallest flaws in leather to ensure that only the absolute highest quality is used in our clients’ aircraft
  • Knowledge and innovative processes allow us to create custom solutions with our team of over 40 world-class craftsmen
  • Quality means everything: with the strictest industry standards, Jet Aviation painstakingly selects hides to provide customers with nothing short of the ultimate in luxury

The Jet Aviation upholstery team offers premium craftsmanship that includes combining the finest wood inlays with the world’s highest-quality grade of leather.

The composites team at Jet Aviation St. Louis spends countless hours thinking about  and working on interior and secondary  structures including:

  • Fabrication of complex composite parts
  • Composite and bonded structural repairs
  • Fabrication of composite sandwich panels, headliners, windowlines and PSUs, etc.
  • Custom air conditioning ducts
  • Custom component applications
  • SRM-approved composite repair of fiber-reinforced composite components, including fairings, gear doors, etc.
  • Minor metal bonding

The composite shop creates custom components that add durability to your aircraft, make your maintenance projects easier and create a foundation for our flawless interiors to come to life.