Flight Support Solutions

Should you wish to remain the legal operator of your aircraft, we are pleased to tailor solutions to meet your operational needs as an alternative to classic aircraft management. Through our Flight Support Solutions, you retain full control and operation of your aircraft and select from our available modules only the services you require to help you lower your operating costs and increase your efficiency:.

  • Fuel purchasing through Jet Aviation fuel carnet (lower costs due to buying power)
  • Dispatch Services / Flight Planning
  • Aircraft and Passenger Insurance (at low premiums)
  • CAMO / Maintenance Coordination
  • Aircraft acceptance and competitions monitoring
  • EU ETS
  • Administration Services (cost control)


Our fuel program supports a significant number of fuel vendors with whom we collaborate at more than 350 locations worldwide to ensure we help meet your fuelling requirements seamlessly — and cost-effectively. With over 250 aircraft in our global fleet, our fuel specialists have considerable purchasing power with which to negotiate substantial price discounts and we are pleased to pass these savings on to you.  

Through our fuel program the following fuel cards are available to you:

  • AV-Card
  • BP
  • Colt
  • ExxonMobil
  • Shell
  • World Fuel Services

We at Jet Aviation appreciate the demands on your valued time and continually endeavor to improve efficiencies while meeting your needs. As an extension of our commitment to quality and the highest service standards, our highly trained and skilled flight planners always strive to reduce or eliminate costly delays and detours to provide you the most benefit — and the best customer experience possible. From efficient flight planning, arranging flight permits, customs clearance and handling services, to fueling, slots and ground transportation, we provide 24/7 customized Dispatch services to get you where you want to go, when you need to be there.

Over the course of nearly half a century, we have earned our reputation for highly qualified crews, excellent flight standards and an exceptional safety record, and we have built up a global fleet of more than 250 aircraft. As a result of our commitment to the highest standards, we are in a unique position to negotiate much lower rates for the most comprehensive insurance policies with the broadest coverage available for our clients. To fully safeguard your valued asset, we are pleased to provide full aircraft hull, liability and passenger accident insurance coverage at the most competitive premiums. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

As an EASA-authorized Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO+), our technical experts manage all CAMO requirements of your operation and perform annual airworthiness reviews to ensure your aircraft is certified and ready to fly when you need it.  Whether you require our full CAMO+ service package or only one or two individual maintenance services, our aircraft type-specific maintenance coordinators provide world-class service to see you reach your destination safely and securely.

At Jet Aviation, our cost administration support services provide efficient and detailed cost accounting, but also save you money. The savings we generate as a result of our global buying power are passed directly onto you through lower rates and premiums — with no mark-ups. We also review, scrutinize, process and pay all third party invoices, which are then re-invoiced to you once a month at cost.