Flight Support Solutions

Jet Aviation has designed flight support programs to act as your extended arm while you retain full control of your aircraft operation. Our flight support solutions provide aircraft owners and Part 91 flight operators around-the-clock support, wherever and whenever required. You have the choice of select programs and optional services that provide support best suited to meet your specific needs and budget parameters.

Our Aircraft Scheduling, Maintenance Management, Flight Standards and Fuel Desk programs uniquely address the needs of Part 91 flight departments. Jet Aviation’s Completions Monitoring service ensures that your new aircraft is delivered on time and to your specification. The JetStart program offers a turn-key solution consulting service for new owners of aircraft who need assistance in developing a fully operational in-house flight department before aircraft delivery.

Aviation is now a global business and manpower needs are increasing as aircraft operate on the other side of the world and on the other side of the clock. Jet Aviation’s aircraft scheduling services can ease the workload for Part 91 flight departments with 24-hour scheduling and trip planning, flight following and crew briefing. Jet Aviation is your extended office for nights, weekends or any time.

Aircraft Scheduling Aircraft scheduling services include:

  • 24/7/365 scheduling and flight following of aircraft
  • Flight catering and ground transportation scheduling
  • Crew scheduling and briefings
  • Scheduling software access
  • Accounting and monthly statement preparation
  • Preferred pricing for flight crew and maintenance training 

Jet Aviation’s clients enjoy worldwide discount purchasing power. Our on-site fuel specialists navigate the complexities of fuel purchases around the world offering negotiated pricing and confirmations in addition to customized fuel information, quotes, savings and consumption reports. All of this is done through a single source for billing and reporting, for back office convenience.

Combine the fuel desk program with our aircraft scheduling program to take advantage of these added services. 

When it comes to maintenance scheduling, monitoring, budgets and oversight, what is the best approach for your flight department? Manpower and scheduling issues with one or multiple aircraft present demanding time management and resource issues. Jet Aviation offers programs for Part 91 flight departments to support your aircraft maintenance with an extensive list of services. A variety of administrative responsibilities in addition to the physical maintenance of the aircraft can be designed in a program that meets your specific needs. 

Our maintenance management package provides administrative responsibilities such as: 

  • Annual budgets Maintenance
  • Scheduling and monitoring
  • Maintenance standards audits
  • Oversight maintenance events
  • Subscription services administration
  • Warranty administration
  • Competitive maintenance bid analysis
  • Invoice review and reconciliation
  • Aircraft conformity/transition
  • Preferred pricing for flight crew and maintenance training 

Jet Aviation has a very robust flight standards program utilizing a director of flight standards, manager of cabin standards, and check airmen. This program is designed to check the checker and supplement various training programs to provide your flight department with peace of mind through an accurate evaluation of the air crew.

Our flight standards package includes:

  • Flight standards audits to include crew line check
  • FOQA program administration
  • Maintenance standards audits
  • Cabin standards audit
  • Regulatory manual administration

The purchase of a new aircraft is an intricate process. Outfitting the aircraft to your preferences is very personal. A thorough completions monitoring program is critical for making sure that your new aircraft is delivered on time and to your specification. Choosing an experienced partner assisting with all or some of the completions monitoring stages can save you time and money during the process and throughout your ownership.

Jet Aviation’s completions monitoring department manages all the relevant completion and delivery phases of your aircraft.

For over 45 years, Jet Aviation has been providing completions monitoring support for all aircraft types. We’ve managed a variety of standard and custom interior configurations. This wealth of experience has provided our team with the background and knowledge that allows us to tailor and deliver a product meeting our client's expectations.

Setting up a flight department in today’s regulatory environment is no easy task. The regulations are complex, the department’s systems must be reliable and training must be thorough and up to date. Jet Aviation is an expert in setting up flight departments and has entered hundreds of aircraft into service over the last 40 plus years. Do it right the first time. Let Jet Aviation bring you up to speed through its JetStart program. 

Entering an aircraft into service

JetStart offers a turn-key solution consulting service for new owners of aircraft who need assistance in developing a fully operational in-house flight department before aircraft delivery. The service is designed to enable first-time buyers to enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership from day one, while having the peace of mind that their aircraft is being operated safely and efficiently.

For a fixed price, the program includes: compliance with all applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, procuring of all permits and authorizations, developing flight department processes to support all mission requirements and preparing the crew and aircraft for flights in accordance with the owner’s personal requirements. The JetStart program also offers ad hoc services that can be added into the package to support an aircraft owner’s specific operational needs. These services include personnel recruitment, pre-buy inspections of aircraft, aircraft repair and maintenance and more.

JetStart benefits

Have our experts:

  • Complete a feasibility study to find most appropriate airport to base the aircraft
  • Establish Jeppesen Airway Manuals and revision service
  • Issue an RFP for base hangar, office and fuel
  • Set up trip schedule process and protocols
  • Review aircraft’s warranty program and brief the maintenance manager
  • Deliver personalized Flight Operations Manual
  • Evaluate service programs available (MSP, HAPP, etc)
  • Develop annual aircraft operating budget