Aircraft Oversight, Acceptance & Registration Services

Whatever your needs may be, whether you need a trusted service provider to oversee the installation of your cabin interior, accept new aviation systems or liaise with the relevant authorities to secure a quick and easy registration process, we are happy to tailor a service package to ensure your needs are met — exactly as you like.

Aircraft Oversight

  • Fuselage inspection prior to insulation and soundproofing installation
  • Under-floor inspection prior to floorboard installation for final assembly
  • Inspection of cabinets to check layout conformity prior to finishing
  • Confirm interior layout prior to installation
  • Pre- and post- exterior aircraft painting inspection
  • Review of service bulletin status to ensure compliance at time of issuance
  • Ensure that cockpit is assembled according to each drawing


  • Review of aircraft build documentation and logbooks
  • Check installation for fit, finish and functionality
  • Monitoring manufacturer repair of items not conforming with requirements
  • Review of exterior paint quality
  • Evaluate weight and balance updates and flight manual supplements
  • Review of engine and airframe modification status
  • Review of all continuous airworthiness requirements
  • Review of the flight test program and supervision of the rectification of defects
  • Participation in test flights including a long cold soak flight


Registration Services

  • Preparation of all documentation for review by the authorities
  • Application for airworthiness-related documents and approvals
  • Application for all other approvals required by respective civil aviation authorities, such as radio station license certificates, the noise certificates and designated airspace approvals