Additional Services

Jet Aviation can help clients evaluate, purchase or sell aircraft, providing full technical support and completing the aircraft registration process on your behalf. We can also assist with completions supervision and technical acceptance of aircraft, and offer services to ensure compliance with EU ETS regulations, to support the import process of aircraft and to navigate the complexities of the Safety Management System.

We are an EASA-authorized Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO+), providing premium-class service to see you reach your destination safely and securely. Our technical experts manage all CAMO requirements of your operation and perform annual airworthiness reviews to ensure your aircraft is certified and ready to fly when you need it.  

To ensure you do not incur monetary penalties or suspended flight permission within the EU, our EU ETS management service supports all procedural requirements for your compulsory participation in the European Union’s Emissions Trading System. We understand that compliance with EU ETS regulations is challenging and time-consuming. This is why our turn-key EU ETS compliance solution also includes account opening and administration services to facilitate your seamless participation.

For over 45 years, Jet Aviation has been providing completions monitoring support for all aircraft types. We’ve managed a variety of standard and custom interior configurations and we rely on our wealth of experience to ensure your aircraft completions projects meet your expectations.

We follow the completion process from start to finish making sure that your aircraft is completed perfectly to your specifications. Our team of experts will also coordinate all paperwork and liaise with the relevant authorities to best ensure that your aircraft leaves the completions center on schedule and in impeccable condition.

Whereas most aircraft buyers appreciate an independent and expert aircraft appraisal, including a document review and physical survey of the aircraft’s appearance, our highly trained CAMO experts provide aircraft value assessments which often lead to a formal Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) at an authorized service center.

Our appraisals generally prove very helpful when it comes time to negotiate with the seller. They are based on the current Blue Book and the actual status of the aircraft and are usually concluded within five working days, excluding on-site travelling. Please contact us for more details on our aircraft appraisal services. 

We have been ensuring the safety and security of our business aviation customers for nearly half a century. Regardless of your organizational structure, size or internal processes, our highly skilled team of aviation professionals is able to help you set up your own Safety Management System, providing expert advice about what has to be done and options about how best to get it accomplished. We are also happy to assist you in writing a complete Safety Management System manual customized to your operation.

Whatever your needs may be, whether you need a trusted service provider to oversee the installation of your cabin interior, accept new aviation systems or liaise with the relevant authorities to secure a quick and easy registration process, we are happy to tailor a service package to ensure your needs are met — exactly as you like.

Aircraft Oversight

  • Fuselage inspection prior to insulation and soundproofing installation
  • Under-floor inspection prior to floorboard installation for final assembly
  • Inspection of cabinets to check layout conformity prior to finishing
  • Confirm interior layout prior to installation
  • Pre- and post- exterior aircraft painting inspection
  • Review of service bulletin status to ensure compliance at time of issuance
  • Ensure that cockpit is assembled according to each drawing


  • Review of aircraft build documentation and logbooks
  • Check installation for fit, finish and functionality
  • Monitoring manufacturer repair of items not conforming with requirements
  • Review of exterior paint quality
  • Evaluate weight and balance updates and flight manual supplements
  • Review of engine and airframe modification status
  • Review of all continuous airworthiness requirements
  • Review of the flight test program and supervision of the rectification of defects
  • Participation in test flights including a long cold soak flight


Registration Services

  • Preparation of all documentation for review by the authorities
  • Application for airworthiness-related documents and approvals
  • Application for all other approvals required by respective civil aviation authorities, such as radio station license certificates, the noise certificates and designated airspace approvals

Navigating requirements of administrative agencies is time-consuming and cumbersome at the best of times, not to mention very costly when it comes to importing an aircraft. We help clients import their aircraft to the EU or Switzerland, ensuring that all customs requirements are fulfilled and that documentation of the aircraft is in order for when you need it. Our aviation specialists facilitate aircraft importation by simplifying and streamlining processes to make it as easy as possible. Don’t let bureaucracy weigh you down. Call us today.