About Jet Aviation Charter

Jet Aviation Business Jets
Jet Aviation is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD). Since 1967, Jet Aviation has provided global executive charter services and other business aviation services to a discriminating, worldwide clientele. We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, around the world. Our three global charter centers are located in:


Europe: Zurich, Switzerland +41 58 158 8686Contact Email
 Geneva, Switzerland +41 58 158 1900Contact Email
 Dubai, United Arab Emirates +41 58 158 8686Contact Email
Asia: Hong Kong, China +852 2215 3833Contact Email
North AmericaTeterboro, NJ +1 800 736 8538Contact Email


Jet Aviation holds EU/OPS AOC Nr 1010 certificate status by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). This status guarantees a very high standard to Jet Aviation customers. The performance and the quality of the Jet Aviation Flight operations are under constant supervision and are audited by the Swiss FOCA in regular intervals.

To maintain this status, the firm is required to keep an overall high standard covering training, technical aspects and maintenance, operational limits, and performance of its aircraft, in order to match or exceed the demanding standards of the EU OPS certification.

 Download Swiss AOC 

 Download FAA Part 129 Approval 

 Download German AOC

 Download Malta AOC


Annual Training Programs at Jet Aviation

Flight safety is one of Jet Aviation’s prime concerns. One way the firm ensures safe aircraft operation is through personel training that exceeds commercial air transport levels.
At Jet Aviation, all Flight Crew personel are required to complete a number of ongoing training regular courses. These include: 

  • Simulator trainings
  • Procedures (normal, abnormal, emergency) are simulated using the latest technological software and high-tech simulators.The responses to these situations are trained and checked so that they comply with international standards. These trainings are conducted on an annual and bi-annual basis.
  • Annual emergency training in Zurich
  • One week of specialized training is conducted in Zurich each year, covering: company procedure training; crew resource management training; emergency procedure training (safety and security) and emergency medical training (CPR, First Aid).
  • Web-based training
  • Additional Flight Crew mandatory courses are completed on a web based training system, concluding with written tests.

Additional training

  • Further training is provided regularly on how to address complex needs of today’s modern aircraft technology.
  • Supervision of providers & continual improvement of training courses

Training providers are reviewed through regular audits, and a quality control system is in place to gurarantee high overall quality of all training courses.

Our fleet's factsheets are available for download as pdf files here: