Interior Shop

It is important to us that the details of your cabin are exactly as you wish them to be. Our interior team custom tailors your aircraft using the finest hand-selected material from around the world coupled with superior craftsmanship. To safeguard our quality standards as well as the integrity of your vision, we maintain three specialized departments, including upholstery, cabinetry, finishing and paint.

In our upholstery shop, we have you choose all the materials to be used to ensure your personal taste is reflected in your aircraft, right down to the stitching in the seams. And to achieve the customization and quality you expect we do much of our work by hand. From the leather on your seats, divans, cabinets and sidewalls to your embroidered wall textiles, your cabin’s upholstery is truly hand-crafted, whether you require a simple repair or a complete cabin refurbishment.

Our cabinet shop artisans create lightweight furniture that is as functional as it is beautiful. We are highly trained in the fine arts of woodworking and veneering and our shop is fully equipped to either modify or reconfigure your entire cabin. Our team of craftsmen also has the advanced skills to do hardwood moldings, inlays, exotic veneer applications and many other complex furniture designs that you envision.

Within our finish and paint shop, our technicians have the knowledge, techniques and skills to repair cosmetic damage to any surface and are experienced at doing or restoring any fauxfinish work. We only apply finish and varnish systems of the finest quality to assure your satisfaction and stand the test of time. With our exclusive, state-of-the-art varnish system, we guarantee your cabinets will have a superior brilliance and color for years to come.  


  • Aircraft cabin refurbishment
  • Repairs on aircraft furniture
  • Surface touch up repairs / polishing
  • Cabin refresh / Varnishing
  • Upholstery repairs / services
  • Bolster up and upgrading seats and divans
  • Carpet repair / replacement
  • Vinyl floor replacement