Engine & APU Shop

Our newly refurbished and expanded engine shop is staffed by highly skilled engine technicians who provide major repairs on Honeywell engines including MPI. We also perform line maintenance on Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric and other engines found on the aircraft we maintain. As an authorized Honeywell service center since 1975 and recently appointed Honeywell APU Overhaul Facility (ready as of spring 2016), we regularly perform TFE731 MPI and CFE738 MPI / MIDPOINT inspection. In addition we perform major repairs on HTF7000 (Main bearings inspection). We work with state-of-the art equipment including advanced boroscope tools.

With our Mobil Repair Team (MRT) we provide AOG services and engine repairs in the field and keep several rental engines and APUs on stock to reduce downtime.


  • Honeywell CFE 738 series      
    Mid Point Inspection (MPI), modifications, major repairs
  • Honeywell TFE 731 series      
    Modifications, major repairs, Major Periodic Inspection (MPI on T&M Only)
  • Honeywell HTF 7000 (AS907) series minor maintenance, major repairs (Main bearings inspection)
  • All routine inspections up to 8,000 hours inspection, combustion liner replacement, modifications, repairs
  • Pratt & Whitney PW305, 307, 308
    Line Maintenance, modifications & minor repair tasks
    On PW307A engines bevel gear oil shield replacement IAW SB 72-47178, #4 Carbon seal replacement.
  • Honeywell APU GTCP 36-100/-150 series
    Hot Section Inspection (HSI), heavy repairs, modifications, APU upgrades from -100 to -150
  • Honeywell APU RE220
    Hot Section Inspection (HSI), modifications, repairs



Honeywell, TFE 731 series (MPI), CFE 738 (MPI / MIDPOINT Inspection), HTF 7000 series, ATF3-6, Pratt & Whitney, PW305, 307, 308, General Electric, CF6, CF-34, GE CJ 610 series, GE CF 700 series, General Electric-Snecma CFM 56, Rolls Royce BR700/BR710, Spey, Tay, AE 3007, Trent 500, RB 211, IAE V2500


Honeywell APU Overhaul Facility GTCP 36-100/-150 series (HSI)
Honeywell GTCP 331-200, GTCP 331-200, GTCP 36 series (HSI), GTCP 131-9 series, Honeywell RE220 (Line)