Basel - Completions Installation

With half a century of accumulated knowledge and experience, our Installations team of skilled craftsmen will install your custom-designed, meticulously hand-crafted cabinetry and interior components with the utmost care and attention to ensure the seamless integration you expect.  

Providing quality second to none, we install and then rigorously test, both on the ground and in the air, all of the interior systems and cabinetry to meet your requirements. Our completions installations team adapts the airframe and systems as necessary to accommodate the custom interior design, with a constant view to meeting deadlines — and exceeding customer expectations.

Having our shops and resources located in-house help us react to the latest technological advances in the industry quickly and thereby make them available to you faster. While your aircraft is in our care, our Part 145 certified mechanics will maintain your aircraft per manufacturers’ requirements; similarly, our certified Part 145 inspection staff will inspect all aircraft modifications and installations from the induction of the aircraft into our hangar until delivery to you, ensuring that all electrical, system, and interior components to meet the highest quality, regulatory and safety standards.