Sheet Metal Shop

Whether it’s for a completion or a refurbishment or an airframe repair, our three specialized sheet metal shops can provide what you need on site or at your location. With many of our production and fabrication machines and systems computer-driven, we can turn out precision parts that meet or exceed demanding engineering requirements. A water-jet CNC machine and the latest milling machines complement standard sheet metal processes for the three experienced teams of craftsmen that can produce mechanical parts as well as decorative items. For completions, refurbishments or airframe repairs, our up-to-date capabilities help reduce production costs and enable internal testing of some parts before they are launched.


  • Repairs on aircraft structure
  • Modification on aircraft structure (installation of antennae)
  • Implementation of aircraft structure related Service Bulletin/Service Letter
  • Flap peening
  • Dent removal with EDR technology
  • Repairs on aircraft component (flap, air intake, etc.)