Services & Shops

  • Base maintenance airframe, engines and avionics
  • Line maintenance
  • Repair & overhaul
  • AOG / Mobile Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Interior refurbishment

With decades of experience on aircraft engines, the Jet Aviation St. Louis engine shop is state-of-the-art equipped and able to perform line maintenance on just about every engine on your aircraft. We are an authorized service center for the Rolls Royce BR 710, the General Electric CF-34 and Honeywell engines. We have all of the tooling and experience to remove and install engines, all with the goal of getting your aircraft back in the air as soon as possible with reliable service. 


Line Maintenance, Modifications & minor repair tasks on:

  • Honeywell CFE 738 series                  
  • Honeywell TFE 731 series                  
  • Honeywell HTF 7000 (AS907)                           
  • Pratt & Whitney PW305, 307, 308   
  • Honeywell APU GTCP 36 series                         
  • Honeywell APU RE220

Engines (as an authorized line service center)

BMW/Rolls Royce BR 700/710, General Electric CF-34, Honeywell ALF 502/ATF 3/CFE 738, Honeywell TFE 731 series, Pratt & Whitney PW 305, Rolls Royce Spey and Tay, Garrett GTCP 30-92, Honeywell GTCP-36 series, Sundstrand


Honeywell GTCP 331-200, GTCP 331-200, GTCP 36 series, GTCP 131-9 series, Honeywell RE220.

At Jet Aviation St. Louis, we apply more than 200 years of top-quality aircraft painting experience to ensure that the appearance of your aircraft after we apply the paint says exactly what you want, and with the best finish you’ll get anywhere. Beginning with a computer-generated, full-color rendering of your design, we provide a finish beyond OEM level: “blending” small spots rather than applying a “touch up,” minimizing orange peel and accepting nothing less than a high-gloss finish. We also can apply decals or a custom, air-brushed logo. Whether your aircraft is a green completion or a refurbishment, you’ll find the best finish possible at Jet Aviation St. Louis applied by a team that deals honestly and directly with you. We’ll minimize your down time and maximize your results.

Jet Aviation St. Louis also is leading the way in green, environmentally-friendly alternatives in a paint process that is approved by the FAA.


  • Aircraft exterior painting
  • Vinyl cutter rooms which allows cutting paint masks / registrations and technical markings
  • Aircraft Paint repair during maintenance input
  • Painting of components and sheet metal parts
  • Dedicated paint hangar for aircraft up to Boeing 737-800, Airbus A320
  • Detailed VIP paint schemes and exterior rendering production to customer specification

Our highly skilled technicians provide outstanding maintenance on aircraft wheels. Overhaul includes full painting, detailed inspection of all wheel components, NDT inspection and dynamic balancing. 




  • Tire change
  • Wheel repair and overhaul, SB/SL implementation
  • Rims re-painting
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Exchange wheels

The Jet Aviation St. Louis upholstery team offers the finest craftsmanship to create masterful looks, such as combining the finest wood inlays with the world’s highest-quality grade of leather. From installation of carpeting with a unique style in a completion to on-site replacement carpeting in your aircraft without landing at Jet Aviation St. Louis (also available on some other interior items), our team can meet your needs and schedule. We can deliver the interior you’ve always envisioned – and perhaps something you’ve never even imagined.


  • Aircraft cabin refurbishment
  • Repairs on aircraft furniture
  • Surface touch up repairs/polishing
  • Varnishing
  • Upholstery repairs/services
  • Bolster up and upgrading seats
  • Carpet repair/replacement
  • Vinyl floor replacement

Whether it’s for a completion or a refurbishment or an airframe repair, our three specialized sheet metal shops can provide what you need on site or at your location. With many of our production and fabrication machines and systems computer-driven, we can turn out precision parts that meet or exceed demanding engineering requirements. A water-jet CNC machine and the latest milling machines complement standard sheet metal processes for the three experienced teams of craftsmen that can produce mechanical parts as well as decorative items. For completions, refurbishments or airframe repairs, our up-to-date capabilities help reduce production costs and enable internal testing of some parts before they are launched.


  • Repairs on aircraft structure
  • Modification on aircraft structure (installation of antennae)
  • Implementation of aircraft structure related Service Bulletin/Service Letter
  • Flap peening
  • Dent removal with EDR technology
  • Repairs on aircraft component (flap, air intake, etc.) 

We have the expertise and tools to reliably test and repair a wide range of business jet components and instruments, including Flight Management Systems (FMS) and Honeywell EGPWS (Terrain Database/Software). Our specialties include aircraft instruments class I, II, III and IV, air data systems, GPWS computers, Universal flight management systems, and the testing, downloading and analysis of flight/cockpit voice recorders, especially L3Com and Honeywell.


  • Landing gear systems and associated components
  • Flight control system and associated components
  • Pressurization system and associated components
  • Universal Avionics FMS Repair Station
  • Honeywell EGPWS Software/Database updating
  • Test and repair of a wide range of business jet instruments including instruments class I, II, III and IV air data systems
  • EGPWS computers
  • Universal flight management systems
  • Downloading and analysis of flight/cockpit voice recorders, especially L3Com and Honeywell

Our in-house battery service includes various tasks on different types of batteries and emergency power supplies: periodic and regular checks, general overhauls, and EASA / FAA / PCA release forms.




  • Ni-cad battery services on most manufacturers
  • Ships main (s)
  • Emergency/standby lighting, instrumentation and communications

From guidance and monitoring systems to the latest developments in personal electronics devices and entertainment systems for cabins, the avionics team at Jet Aviation St. Louis is ready to update your entire aircraft. Our avionics engineers will plan system integration as well as the wiring that provides you with outlets and ports where you want them. You can count on Jet Aviation St. Louis to keep you up to date and prepared for customized solutions to all of your avionics needs, and always in conformance with the latest regulations by aviation authorities.


  • Installation, upgrade, troubleshooting and repair
  • Flight Management Systems (FMS)
  • Cockpit Retrofits
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
  • Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVR) and Flight Data Recorders (FDR)
  • Transponder and Precision Navigation
  • Satcom systems
  • Sat TV, Internet Access via Satellite and WiFi, KU.
  • In Flight Entertainment (IFE), Audio/Video on-demand (AVOD), High Definition
  • LED Lighting


Aerospace Optics, Aircell/ Gogo, Audio Intl, Ametek, Avtech, Honeywell / Baker Electronics, EMTEQ, B&D Instruments, B.F. Goodrich, CAL Corp., CMC Electronics, Delco Litton, Fairchild L-3 COM, Gables, Heads Up Tech, Honeywell, IDC / Kollsman, JET, Litton System, Max-Viz, Rockwell Collins, Satcom Direct, Teledyne, Thales, True North, Universal Nav. System

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is essential to keeping your aircraft in tip-top condition and avoiding concerns before they become problems. NDT can be compared to giving your aircraft a checkup. Our certified experts apply radiographic (x-ray), eddy current, magnetic particle, dye penetrant and ultrasonic testing to check an aircraft's structural integrity. And we are available to train your staff in these important testing procedures, as well.

As members of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), technicians at Jet Aviation St. Louis are trained in proper NDT procedures and use this discipline to detect potentially hazardous conditions before they become apparent.


  • Magnetic particle testing (MT)
  • Liquid penetrant testing (PT)
  • Eddy Current testing (ET)
  • Ultrasound testing (UT)
  • Radiographic testing (RT)

Calibration is available on-site and at no cost for our customers to assist you in your precision performance:

  • Torque (Wrenches, tensiometers, force/spring scales)
  • Pressure/vacuum gauges
  • Physical dimensional (Micrometers, calipers, platform scales)
  • Multimeters, oscilloscopes,
  • Aircraft temperature and pressure switches