Jet Aviation Zurich signs exclusive service agreement with Take Air membership airline

February 10, 2015
Monica Beusch, General Manager, Jet Aviation Zurich and Matthieu Dardenne, CEO, Take Air

Jet Aviation Zurich has signed a Fixed Base Operation (FBO) service agreement with Take Air, an innovative new all-you–can-fly membership airline offering regular weekday flights between fixed destinations.

As the first all-you-can-fly membership airline in Europe, Take Air is launching its operation with four daily fixed flights between Zurich and Antwerp, Belgium, on March 30, 2015. Flights are to the general aviation terminals where members are received and handled by local FBOs. Take Air selected Jet Aviation Zurich to provide dedicated handling services to its members flying through Zurich.

“Our priority is to ensure our members receive the highest service standards wherever they go,” said Take Air CEO Matthieu Dardenne. “We appreciate Jet Aviation’s customer focus and commitment to excellence and look forward to working with them.”

“Our FBO customers require convenience, efficiency, discretion and friendliness, and we are fully committed to exceeding their expectations,” said Monica Beusch, general manager of Jet Aviation Zurich and head of FBO Services in EMEA and Asia. “Our goal is to anticipate our clients’ requirements to ensure their maximum comfort. We are very pleased to welcome Take Air members to Zurich.”