Jet Aviation Saudi Arabia extends handling support services network to six additional airports

December 8, 2014

Jet Aviation has recently extended its support services to a network of six additional airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These include Abha Airport, Taif Airport, Al-Baha Airport, Najran Airport, Gizan Airport and Rafha Airport.

In direct response to customer demand, Jet Aviation Saudi Arabia is now offering agent assistance upon request at six additional domestic airports, including Abha Airport (AHB/OEAB); Taif Airport (TIF/OETF); Al-Baha Airport (ABT/OEBA); Najran Airport (EAM/OENG); Gizan Airport (GIZ/OEGN); and Rafha Airport (RAF/OERF).

With the approval of the General Authority of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia, Jet Aviation Saudi Arabia sought and gained approval from the six airport authorities to have designated handling agents from its Jeddah and Riyadh FBOs serve as Jet Aviation agents at these airports. The company then introduced the on-demand support and supervision service to ensure its clients’ needs and expectations are met — when and where required.

“Our goal is to continue growing our presence and business aviation offerings where they add value to our customers,” says Alain Champonnois, vice president and general manager of Jet Aviation Saudi Arabia. “Many of our international clients traveling within Saudi Arabia needed additional help at the smaller domestic airports where less English is spoken. We can now dispatch a qualified handling professional to an off-site facility to ensure they receive support services that meet their discerning standards.”