Jet Aviation Dusseldorf completes first ever Medical Evacuation conversion on an Embraer Legacy 600

May 31, 2012

Dusseldorf, Germany  --  Jet Aviation Dusseldorf has performed the first Medical Evacuation (Medevac) conversion of an Embraer Legacy 600.

Jet Aviation Dusseldorf converted an Embraer Legacy 600 to serve both as a Medevac aircraft with 4 patient stretcher systems and as a VIP charter aircraft accommodating up to fourteen passengers. The Medevac conversion is supported by the company's EASA-approved Part-21 organization and ensures short reconfiguration cycle periods and extreme flexibility in the operation of the Embraer Executive Jet.

"With our modifications, it is now possible to convert the aircraft from a VIP charter aircraft to a Medical Evacuation aircraft within just one working day," says Sebastian Groeger, vice president and general manager of Jet Aviation Dusseldorf. "This major alteration demonstrates our ability to meet or exceed customer expectations for even the most challenging of modifications while ensuring quality and safety."

Jet Aviation Dusseldorf is an accredited Center of Excellence for Embraer aircraft. With a long history of handling major alteration projects and a vast number of EASA-approved Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs), the company bundles its service competencies to ensure timely delivery of modified aircraft.