Jet Aviation develops STC to replace cockpit displays with DU-875 LCD units

October 17, 2017

Jet Aviation has developed an STC to update, in partnership with Honeywell, soon-to-be obsolete cockpit displays with DU-875 LCD units. The partnership provides a trade-in credit for each DU-870 replaced with a DU-875 before 2018. It further permits displays to be replaced one at a time or all at once.

“Jet Aviation has completed an EASA supplemental type certificate (STC) for this off-the-shelf, certified solution that provides the latest, modern liquid crystal display (LCD) aircraft avionics to replace the old cathode ray tube (CRT) units in Falcon and Cessna aircraft,” said Samuel Nemoz, manager of Direct Sales for Jet Aviation in Basel. “Installing the Honeywell Primus Elite DU-875 Display Upgrade extends the life of owners’ current aircraft while upgrading their avionics suite, improving reliability, and enabling future growth and additional features.”

Honeywell describes the DU-875 as a plug-and-play, one-for-one upgrade option for operators wanting a lower-cost, building-block approach to future growth.

According to Klaus Boehmer of Jet Aviation Avionics Sales, “The DU-875 units can be installed quickly and easily in the DU-870 tray without having to make any wiring changes. The LCD units also permit replacement of flight-deck displays one at a time for an economical solution or many displays at the same time if you wish to limit downtime.”

CRT units face obsolescence soon because repairs will not be possible after the end of the year. That will require owners to replace them with LCD units if they plan to sell the aircraft on the open market. Boehmer said the DU-875 LCD upgrade secures the future of the aircraft for 10 to 15 years and increases resale value. The upgrade does not require additional pilot training or other cockpit modifications. It can be performed at any Jet Aviation maintenance location worldwide with minimal downtime.