Jet Aviation cooperates with Kurz Aviation Service in Germany

October 15, 2015
Dirk Laufenberg, COO, KURZ Aviation Service (left) and Frank Kusserow, Managing Director, FBO Services, Jet Aviation Germany

Jet Aviation and Kurz Aviation Service are cooperating to provide a total network solution within Germany. The companies manage a combined total of seven FBOs in Germany, which will be available to all customers through one point of contact. 

Jet Aviation and Kurz Aviation Service will now offer a seamless experience for their customers in Germany by offering access to the combined seven facilities, and the companies will exchange nation-wide operational and service-relevant flight data. The seven FBOs include Berlin Tegel and Schönefeld, Dusseldorf and Munich (Jet Aviation) and Cologne, Egelsbach, Frankfurt and Stuttgart (Kurz Aviation Service). 

“Our decision to share resources will offer significant benefits,” said Frank Kusserow, Jet Aviation’s FBO managing director in Germany. “If, for example, available parking is limited at one airport, the customer can still be accommodated by diverting the aircraft to another airport. This cooperation offers a total network solution for our customers in Germany and we are very pleased to cooperate with Kurz Aviation Service.”

Dirk Laufenberg, COO of Kurz Aviation, adds, “We are confident that our cooperation with Jet Aviation creates an unparalleled quality network for FBO services in Germany.”