Private Jet

While a private jet is a significant investment, it considerably contributes to increased business efficiency by reducing the amount of travel time executives waste waiting for regular flights, while improving opportunities to work effectively in flight.

For those who wish to benefit from a private jet but are hesitant to purchase one because of the challenges of maintaining it, professional firms such as Jet Aviation specialize in private jet management, maintenance and ground handling services. Take a look at Jet Aviation’s private jet fleet and available services.

Benefits & Considerations of Owning a Private Jet

One of the most significant considerations in private jet management is ensuring the private jet is mechanically sound and available for use at a moment’s notice. This is vital, since important business can arise anywhere at any time and necessary ground time for a private jet is expensive, both in terms of hangar and maintenance fees and lost time generally. Read our FAQ about why chartering a private jet is a safe and reliable way to fly.

Jet Aviation offers comprehensive Aircraft Management services for private jets and operators, in addition to maintenance, refurbishment, overhaul and FBO services. That is why Jet Aviation is a global leader in the private jet and business aviation industry.

How does Private Jet Management Work?

Like buying a car, private jet ownership requires regular maintenance which should only be done by experts. Firms like Jet Aviation provide private jet clients every available service option to ensure the highest quality standards that will meet the exacting demands of their clientele.

As a leading global business aviation services provider, Jet Aviation offers 24/7 services for every service eventuality, while further promising private jet owners the opportunity to benefit from their economies of scale, by passing savings on to the customer. Jet Aviation has a wide array of private jet clients who rely on them for management, maintenance and ground handling services. If you’re a private jet owner, what are you waiting for?

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