Aircraft Maintenance

The most crucial requirement before flying any aircraft is total assurance that aircraft maintenance meets the highest standards.

Lives depend on proper aircraft maintenance and Jet Aviation takes this responsibility seriously while delivering the full range of aviation maintenance services. Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide have strict regulations for aviation maintenance that must be followed in order to keep the aircraft operational. If these guidelines are not followed, such agencies revoke flying authorization until aircraft maintenance tests prove the aircraft flight worthy.

Saving lives and money through regular aircraft maintenance inspections

Aircraft maintenance inspections are regulated by the FAA. From routine to major aircraft maintenance inspections, Jet Aircraft maintenance records must be noted in the aircraft maintenance journal, including flight hours, license and registration numbers, spare parts replaced, inspection dates and types, and aircraft maintenance grades assigned. Also included in the aircraft maintenance journal are the fueling records, landing incidents, aircraft damage and structural repairs. When aircraft maintenance checks are performed regularly, aircraft owners and operators can be assured that their aircraft are air worthy. In fact, it is through frequent aircraft maintenance inspections that small problems are prevented from becoming aircraft grounding issues, ultimately saving lives and money.

When to perform aircraft maintenance inspections?

Generally speaking, obligatory aircraft maintenance inspections are based on flight hours flown by an aircraft. For example, checks may be mandatory after the aircraft has flown its first 1000 hours or every 600 hours, as is the case for Embraer Legacy 650 L1 base maintenance inspections. Periodic aircraft maintenance inspections are based on flight time, as a number of aircraft parts have known life cycles. That is, each aircraft part has recommended flight hours, after which the part must be replaced. And, of course, maintenance engineers regularly update the aircraft maintenance records to ensure key dates are not missed or overlooked in the aircraft maintenance schedule. Aircraft maintenance is imperative to the continued health and safety of aircraft and their operators. Jet Aviation has a global network of aircraft maintenance engineers reputed worldwide for their capabilities. Click here to view recent survey results.

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