FAQ Hurricane Maria

What is the current status?

Our FBO has power and water and can be reached by normal access roads. We’re providing full service including fueling, ground handling, and aircraft service and parking on our ramp. We are operating with email and cell-phone service and are taking reservations and service requests from business customers. 

Is the FBO in San Juan currently operating?

The FBO is operating seven days a week, 5 a.m. to 12 a.m. midnight. Flights after midnight will be coordinated on an individual request basis.

How can I contact the FBO?

Customers are asked to contact the FBO directly by email at fboservices@pazosfbopr.com. The FBO also can be reached by cell phone, although service can be intermittent, at +1 787 399 3260 or +1 787 923 8259.